Allu Clutches 1v2 Against Former Team OpTic Gaming With Insane AWP Jump Shots


ENCE eSports player Aleksi “Allu” Jalli pulled off arguably the play of the tournament at the FACEIT Europe Minor, with an insane 1v2 clutch in style, up against his former team, OpTic Gaming.

Allu moved to Finnish team ENCE after his spell on OpTic came to an end in March, and the team have performed relatively well with Allu as the star player.

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In the semi-final of the FACEIT Europe Minor, he came up against his former organization for the first time since leaving, and although they ultimately lost the match, Allu provided some heroics on the first map.

ENCE admittedly looked the far better team on Dust 2, opening up a huge 13-2 lead on the first side, and Allu’s highlight play prevented OpTic making any kind of comeback.

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Left in the 1v2 with the AWP and with the bomb planted at A, time was against him. But remaining calm, he made quick work of Snappi, before jumping and nailing the perfect headshot on JUGi.

Unfortunately, the first map win wasn’t enough momentum to keep ENCE rolling through the next two maps, as OpTic closed it out 2-1, securing their spot in the FACEIT Major in London.

ENCE had another chance as they dropped to the lower bracket to face NiP, another of Allu’s former teams, but once again came up short, losing the series in a rather one sided 2-0.

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NiP went on to secure the championship as well as the final major spot with their win over OpTic Gaming in the grand final, meaning they will be the two European sides qualifying from the Minor.

The FACEIT London Major begins on September 9th, with playoffs at the SSE Arena, Wembley on September 21st.