CSGO: Images of a dejected aleskib go viral after ENCE’s Berlin major exit

by Scott Robertson


After his team were upset in the quarterfinals of his last tournament with them, in-game-leader for ENCE Aleksi ‘Aleksib’ Virolainen was caught on camera in an emotional state back in the warm-up room.

It’s a gut wrenching feeling when you go to ride off into the sunset and fall of your horse. For ENCE, that fall came suddenly and unexpectedly, as they obtained top form and the highest seed heading into their quarterfinals match against Renegades.

But unfortunately for them, the boys brought the noise, and the standout performers from Legends stage in Aleksi ‘allu’ Jalli and Jere ‘sergej’ Salo didn’t show up against the Renegades. ENCE lost 2-0 and were eliminated in the quarterfinals of the StarLadder Berlin major.


After the match, StarLadder photographer Igor Bezborodov caught some photos of the departing in-game leader in the practice room by himself.

aleksib is on his way out of ENCE. The team announced before the major began that he would be benched in favor of Miikka 'suNny' Kemppi after the conclusion of Berlin.

For aleksib, it’s been a wonderful and productive year and a half with ENCE, that includes a laundry list of victories and impressive performances.


Winners at DreamHack Winter, StarSeries season 6, and BLAST Madrid. And grand final appearances at IEM Chicago, DreamHack Dallas, and of course the IEM Katowice major.

aleksib with his team after a Legends stage victory

But it’s not just his victories, it’s his typical stoic demeanor and professionalism throughout this process that stands out. No complaining, no long Twitter posts airing grievances, just exceptional professionalism from someone that’s only 22.

For aleksib, he will remain on the bench until an organization comes forward with a suitable offer, and the organizations will come knocking. FaZe Clan are rumored to be interested. Natus Vincere are considering a new IGL. Fnatic desperately need a new leader. Virtus.pro want to build a new roster. 100 Thieves is returning to the scene.

Aleksib is going to be back on the scene sooner than expected. And no matter where he ends up, his first match against ENCE will be must-watch Counter-Strike.