Legendary CSGO map designer reveals return of cult classic to Counter-Strike 2

Santorini in CSGOFMPONE/Steam Workshop

Shawn “FMPONE” Garozzo, the legendary CSGO map designer, has revealed one of his cult classic maps is making a return to Counter-Strike 2

As CS2’s limited beta chugs along to the game’s eventual summer release for 2023 still a ways off, the lucky few who find themselves checking out CS2 early may soon find themselves increasingly bored. At this point in time, just one playable map is available, Dust 2. 

Obviously, Valve has plans to bring many CSGO classics into CS2 over time, but many of their original map creators have been reticent on details. However, FMPONE gave players a sneak peek into one of the next maps being revived for CS2. 

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FMPONE tweeted out a few screenshots of one of his maps, Santorini, rendered in Source 2’s incredible lighting. 

He also revealed to commenters that there will be layout changes made. “Main goal is to give attackers more options and force CT’s to play together as a team,” he said in a response. 

He even revealed that one of his most beloved maps, Cache, would be in the works for a Source 2 remake after he completes Santorini. Perhaps giving hope that one of CSGO’s most legendary maps might make it into the Active Duty Pool once again. 

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Santorini in Source 2Twitter: FMPONE
The cult classic Santorini rendered in Source 2, created by FMPONE.

Santorini as a map has reached cult classic, but nothing further. Working alongside fellow mappers Dimitri “Dreamsane” Alexis, Brian “hordeau” Pujals, and Rick “Rf” Forge, it was put in the community workshop in late 2015, and was officially added to the game in early 2016 with Operation Wildfire. 

The map was in stark contrast to most other bomb defusal maps. With its bright white walls and verticality inspired by Greek cities, it stood out as a new spin on CSGO’s classic map designs. However, it was never played in a major tournament. 

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But it has kept up a status as a cult classic, even when it was eventually removed from the game when Operation Wildfire concluded. 

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