Leaked Counter-Strike 2 models tease brand new animations and skins

A AK47 skin in Counter Strike 2Valve

A leaked Counter Strike 2 model seems to be teasing brand new animations and skins on the way, even with the possibility of transparent skins coming to the port. 

Counter-Strike 2 certainly had an immense amount of hype leading up to its beta release. And of course, as the godfather of skins, CS has seen a lot of hype to see how the updated engine interacts with CSGO’s already existing skins. 

This has resulted in a massive increase in the price of skins, stickers, and cases in CSGO of late. Some items which once sold for cents in the past few months are now selling for way more as a result of this peaking interest. In particular, skins, many of which were already revered as legendary, are now skyrocketing in price too. 

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But a new change of skin animations may be coming to the port on top of the existing lineup. In a recent leak by ZooL, the creator of the CS Classic Offensive project and CS dataminer, they revealed CS2 just added fully modeled bullets into certain guns. 

On the surface, it might not sound like much. But no Counter-Strike game has ever had fully modeled bullets like this before. ZooL argues it might point towards Valve having plans for new animations for your weapons moving forward. 

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He suggests that this could mean the devs might be creating translucent skins to show how many bullets are left. “If modders can do it in Source 1, you can do it on Source 2,” he said.

The idea of translucent skins has been around for a long time in CSGO. There have been multiple skins like the X-Ray and Clear Polymer skin lines which were designed to emulate a translucent skin in recent years. 

There have been plans by Valve to add newer animations to CS2, however, players have not been able to test it out in the closed beta just yet. So players will have to wait and see what actually comes to reality. 

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