Dr Disrespect explains why Valorant shouldn’t be worried about Counter-Strike 2

Dr Disrespect sat in front of Mirage and Fracture from CS2 and ValorantDr Disrespect/Valve/Riot Games

Dr Disrespect believes that Riot Games shouldn’t be too concerned by the changes made in Counter-Strike 2 as he’s not sure it’s incredibly groundbreaking. 

After weeks of teasing and hype built up by the Counter-Strike community, Valve set the internet alight on March 22 when they finally revealed Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2, which is currently in a limited test beta, is an upgrade on the current CS:GO mechanics and engine, moving things over to Source 2. That allows for visual improvements, an upgrade in server ticks to counteract lag, and new grenade mechanics. 

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It’s the latter that has caused a stir in the community, especially given that players can come up with new tactics to make smokes disappear with frag grenades. While Dr Disrespect is impressed, he doesn’t believe Riot Games should be fearing for Valorant’s future.

Dr Disrespect says Valorant shouldn’t be concerned about CS2

The Doc, who has yet to get his hands on the beta, talked about how impressed he is by Valve’s work during his March 24 stream, complementing the devs on their changes

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However, when he made the natural comparisons to Valorant – which has taken plenty of players from Counter-Strike – he stated that there are still enough differences between the two rivals to not have Riot worried. 

“If I was Valorant, I’d be ok, we don’t have to be too concerned,” Doc added. “Like, CSGO could have gone super crazy and tried to do something with the smokes. Is that just one little feature they’re teasing? Are they eventually going to tease out a whole bunch of different things that are groundbreaking from a super-high-level FPS standpoint?

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“If I was Valorant I’d be like ok, cool, let’s just keep a focus on what we do.”

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The Two-Time noted that he thinks the changes are “cool” but don’t get him “super duper excited” to revisit Counter-Strike as he’s all about the new games. 

“It will be interesting to see how it affects the pro scene. That might be fun to watch,” he concluded. 

So, even if we don’t see Doc spending too much time on Dust 2 or Mirage come the summer, we might him giving the tournaments a watch.

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