Counter-Strike 2 player falls for the ultimate bait while trying to ‘remove’ their legs

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An extremely hyped PC game launch means a new opportunity for some age-old tricks to shine and Counter-Strike 2 players are already falling for the bait in hilarious ways while trying to ‘remove’ their legs.

After months of rumors and speculation, Valve formally lifted the veil on Counter-Strike 2 earlier this week. With flashy new visual upgrades, performance enhancements under the hood, and even core gameplay system changes, there’s plenty for veterans and newcomers alike to wrap their heads around.

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However, beyond the highlight-worthy tweaks on the surface, devs have also adjusted a few smaller aspects of the iconic tactical shooter as well. Perhaps the most notable of this bunch is the addition of legs. Yes, you read that correctly. All characters in this new version of CS can actually see their lower half.

While looking straight down, those with access to the early beta will notice a set of legs obstructing the view of the ground. Rather than being invisible in your perspective like the original, legs are now there for everyone to see at all times.

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Naturally, such a hilarious, yet fundamental change to the title has a select bunch of players wishing they could disable the feature. In short, some were hoping to see an option in the settings menu to revert the change and get back to their legless ways.

That’s not quite the case, however, as Valve has seemingly made its mind up in that regard. Legs are here for everyone and there’s no way to remove them, at least not just yet in the early access build.

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Using this situation to their advantage, popular CS streamer ‘ohnePixel’ baited a teammate with an age-old trick on March 23. With an ally looking to disable their legs in Counter-Strike 2, he advised them to press F10.

“I think you can toggle the legs on and off,” he said in a convincing manner. “Try F10, and then they should fade away.”

The player did as they were instructed and in the blink of an eye, their character model had vanished from the match. They pressed F10 without a second thought and found themselves booted back to the main menu.

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Whether it’s F10 or the other classic, Alt + F4, PC gamers have been deviously tricking friends with these inputs in various games for decades now, and Counter-Strike 2 is no different.

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