Counter Strike 2 player discovers a teleporting C4 bug that makes item invisible

Terrorist planting bomb in CS2Valve

A Counter Strike 2 player has discovered a confusing bug that teleports the C4 while also somehow making the item invisible to the player.

Counter Strike 2’s beta release has been met with a lot of hype and devotion from fans. The hunt for CS2 was a journey, with leaks from a NVIDIA driver, a report from Richard Lewis, and obsessing over every single update to Steam’s database

However, now that it’s out, players have an opportunity to help the devs playtest the game. Obviously, since it is still in beta, it suffers from a lot of bugs. From being able to give yourself wall hacks, to being able to keep your weapons after death, there are a lot of smaller glitches that fans have been noticing pop up during games.

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And now, we have yet another confusing bug. A player has discovered a C4 bug which not only teleports it off the map, but also makes it invisible at the same time. 

Counter Strike C4 glitch causes item teleport and disappear

After a player dropped the bomb on Dust 2’s A long door, the C4 miraculously teleporting out of the map. The player makes an attempt to retrieve the bomb, but of course it’s completely out of reach. 

He then goes on to tell the team that the bomb is out of the map when they tell him it’s still at the doors. And they were right. He picked up the bomb and was left completely confused as to what had happened. 

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Somehow, the bug not only teleported the C4 out of the map for the player, it was invisible. Meaning it was at different places for different players. 

Obviously, this bug is quite the game breaker as in the heat of the moment the terrorist team could be wasting precious seconds trying to figure out where the bomb really is. 

So, if you are miraculously in the CS2 closed beta, do report any bugs you come across so its full release can be as polished as possible. 

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