Counter-Strike 2 could finally bring new weapons with introduction of loadout system


Counter-Strike 2 could finally be adding new weapons with the introduction of a loadout system, possibly to keep T-side weapon options balanced with CT-side. 

With Counter-Strike 2 gearing up for a Summer 2023 release, Valve has finally announced new updates to the CS2 beta a few weeks after its surprise launch.

In particular, one such adjustment is how the buy menu and weapon loadout now works. Now, CS2 will mirror Valorant’s buy menu, with players being able to refund weapons during the buy time. And the weapon loadout has had a revamp as well, with players now being able to pick and choose what weapons they can bring into a game in their buy menu. 

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With this change, players are speculating that Valve may be finally bringing in new weapons, as the new loadout changes means CTs will have a wider weapon pool to choose from. Thus, if Valve wants to keep things fair, they will need to add new guns. 

JustHarry, a CS commentator, speculated exactly that, saying, “Surely this means we’re getting new guns in CS2. Now you can have both M4s equipped, but T’s don’t have much to swap in/out.” 

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Pointing out that CTs can now have the advantage of having both M4A4 and M4A1-S in their loadout. As the M4A1-S, having a silencer, does not show tracers, making it ideal for spraying through smokes. And the M4A4 has a larger magazine size and more ideal for tight spaces. 

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Whereas the T-sides will only have the AK-47 as their primary rifle, with no other rifles like it to substitute out. 

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And it’s quite clear Harry was skeptical of the change, saying, “don’t know how I feel about this yet, my immediate reaction isn’t great but wanna try it and see.” 

As for what guns Valve could be adding to CS2 to keep the options fair for both teams, we will have to wait and see. However, if the devs do want to make options fair for the T-side, they could be adding new rifles in particular. 

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