Thea Trinidad stuns Sailor Moon fans with classic Sailor Jupiter

Zelina Vega next to Sailor Jupiter from Sailor MoonInstagram: theatrinidad / Toei Animation

Wrestling star Thea Trinidad has yet again pulled another fantastic cosplay out of the bag, this time recreating Sailor Jupiter from the hugely popular anime Sailor Moon.

While Thea is known primarily for her amazing work as a professional wrestler, she has shown time and time again that she is hugely passionate about the gaming and cosplay communities.

She even combines the two worlds together on occasion, and streams live from her Twitch channel in cosplay, allowing her fans to get a full immersive experience, and see her talents from all angles.

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In the past, we’ve seen the wrestling star recreate a huge range of characters from different media forms with fantastic accuracy, including Mortal Kombat’s Kitana, Overwatch’s D.Va, and Apex Legends’ Loba.

Zelina Vega regularly cosplays gaming characters like Apex Legends heroine Loba.Instagram: Zelina Vega
Thea Trinidad regularly cosplays gaming characters like Apex Legends heroine Loba.

This time, thanks to one of her fans choosing this cosplay via her Twitch sub board, Thea cosplayed the character Makoto Kino a.k.a. Sailor Jupiter from the anime Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon began airing as an anime in 1992, and has accumulated a huge following that still exists as strong as ever decades later. The series follows a series of superheroines, who defend the Earth against evil villains.

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Thea looks every bit the part of Sailor Jupiter in her cosplay. Her silk green pleated skirt perfectly mimics that classic Japanese style school uniform, and gives of the same vibrant aesthetic that both the original anime and manga did.

The white bodice cinched in at the waist, and is overlaid with a huge baby pink bow, fastened in the middle with a brooch that perfectly matches the jade green of her skirt.

Around her neck is a green choker with the all-important gold star stamped in the middle, and across her forehead she wears Sailor Jupiter’s classic tiara, a shimmering green stone right at the center.

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Fans loved her take on the classic anime character, calling it “beautiful” and “awesome looking.” One commenter said “my literal idol. You make the perfect Jupiter,” and another gave their stamp of approval with “as a Sailor Moon fan I love this.”

As expected, Thea has done a fantastic job with this cosplay, and fans can’t wait to see what universe she will dip into next. It’s also why she was nominated as one of our Cosplayers of the Year for the 2020 Dexerto Awards.

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