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Zelda Williams wore a Link cosplay for Halloween, and it’s confusing

Published: 1/Nov/2019 6:26 Updated: 1/Nov/2019 6:30

by Andrew Amos


Zelda Williams, daughter of the late Robin Williams, has posted a photo of her in a Link cosplay from the Legend of Zelda franchise to complete the misnomer, and it’s gotten everyone into a twist.

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Zelda Williams was infamously named after the princess from the popular Nintendo game franchise, which is usually known for being one of the industry’s biggest misnomers. You play as Link, to rescue Princess Zelda; and the game is called Legend of Zelda, but it’s all about the journey of Link.

After 30 years of relative stability though, Zelda Williams has decided to throw a curveball during Halloween 2019, dressing up as the gaming crossover most people were dreading.


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Williams posted pictures and videos of her Link cosplay to Twitter, with quite the ironic hashtag of “#CallMeZeldaOneMoreTime”.

She did a pretty good job of it, with the turquoise tunic, long blonde hair, and the elven ears poking out of the sides. She even had the sword and shield props to walk around with, and the big leather boots Link trotted around Hyrule in. 

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It’s just that, what do you end up calling her on the candy run – Zelda or Link?

Calling her Zelda is obviously cool if you are on a first name basis, but if other people aren’t in on it, people would think you had never played the franchise. If you call her Link, it’s calling her in character, but it’s the reverse of the misnomer players have gotten so used to in gaming.


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Twitter was equally confused, with many users complementing the play-on-characters Williams put together for the special occasion while at the same time dropping the joke everyone was waiting 30 years for.

“Zelda dresses (up) as Link,” said Twitter user ‘RoonKolos’. “Welp. Everyone pack it up. She won Halloween.”

“This is the best Zelda cosplay I’ve ever seen,” said ‘MugiwaraNolan,’ which just seems like the biggest bait setup. 

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Either way, she lived up to Link’s name across Twitter the whole night, carrying chickens and threatening to smash clay pots to obtain the ever valuable rupees.


Thankfully, the confusion is only for a day, but it’s a wonderful play on the whole Zelda-Link debacle in the games. At least when she’s dressed up as Link, you can’t get it wrong either way.