WoW cosplayer channels Dragonflight as stunning Alexstrasza

Lauren Bergin
world of warcraft wow WoW cosplayer channels her inner Dragonflight as stunning Alexstrasza cosplay imageBlizzard Entertainment, Gio August

In the wake of Blizzard announcing World of Warcraft’s ninth expansion, WoW Dragonflight, one cosplayer has chosen to celebrate by transforming into the Life-Binder herself, Alexstrasza.

The shadows have retreated around World of Warcraft’s ninth expansion, and WoW Dragonflight has officially been announced to the world.

Set amid the emerald shores of the secluded Dragon Isles, players are finally returning to Azeroth to explore a domain dominated by dragons.

In order to celebrate the return of the Dragonflight and the appearance of Life-Bringer and queen of the skies, Alexstrasza, Brazilian cosplayer Gio August (Gio) has perfectly recreated the iconic dragoness in a cosplay that will leave you looking like the little emoji with heart eyes.

world of warcraft wow dragonflight alextrasza with dragons flying behind herBlizzard Entertainment
Alextrasza has made a triumphant return to the plains of Azeroth.

WoW Alexstrasza cosplay brings new life to Azeroth

With fourteen years of experience under her belt and a passion for all things Warcraft, Alexstrasza was the perfect fit for our cosplay aficionado.

“I’m a long time WoW fan,” she told Dexerto. “I started with the launch of Cataclysm and played for a long time. I’ve already done an Anduin Wrynn cosplay back in the day, so it’s only logical to always consider a WoW costume when I want to dress to impress.

“Alexstrasza is a collaboration between me and an old friend who’s also a crafter. She’s such a bada** with a great design only made better by the eyes of Zach Fischer, the amazing artist who inspired this costume build.”

Despite her extensive history of transforming into her favorite characters, she recalls “this was a very challenging costume. It’s the only one I had to collab with someone to build. Also, it’s my biggest costume; it takes up the same space as about five other costumes when storing it!”

While there may not be a lot of space left in her closet, this stunning rendition of WoW’s dragon queen is well worth the sacrifice. Gilded horns protrude from beneath swirling ruby hair, which cascades down across her iconic scaled armor. Lined with gold from the tips of her fingers to the chains that dangle from her horns, you’d be forgiven for assuming that this was a 3D rendering of Azeroth’s high flying savior.


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“The costume is all made of EVA foam with details made of resin,” she states. “My friend took charge of the build and I worked on the fabrics since it’s my speciality. I’m updating this costume as we speak with even better fabrics and materials for an upcoming convention I’m attending.”


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As the WoW community dissects Blizzard’s Dragonflight announcement, Gio is pleasantly surprised by what she’s seen so far; in fact, she was even in tears!

“To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much; after all, WoW fans are cursed with false hope when the expansion doesn’t live up to the cinematic trailer. But I have to say: Alexstrasza’s appearance was so great in the Cinematic Trailer that it got me tearing up. Her dragon form is majestic. I missed the dragons so bad, and it’s great to see them make a comeback.”

She also hints that more WoW cosplays will be coming soon. “I can’t seem to tear myself away from WoW. It holds such dear memories to me. I’m looking forward to make a warlock tier set next.”

With hope returning to the emerald plains of Azeroth and the Shadowlands banished to the annals of history, we can’t wait to see where this all-new adventure takes our heroes. It had better not disappoint, though, or you’ll have to face Gio’s wrath!