WoW cosplayer assassinates her foes as alluring Valeera Sanguinar

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world of warcraft valeera sanguinar cosplay
alizacosplay, Blizzard Entertainment

Valeera Sanguinar is one of World of Warcraft‘s most mysterious characters, and this cosplayer has brought WoW’s Blood Elf assassin into the real world to stalk the shadows in style.

Of Azeroth’s cast of colorful characters, Blood Elf assassin Valeera Sanguinar has to be one of World of Warcraft’s most enticing warriors.

While she remains neutral in the seemingly never-ending feud between Alliance and Horde, this mysterious rogue is one of the royal guards at Stormwind and an advisor to Anduin Wrynn – an odd position given the fact that her race is normally Horde aligned.

Channelling this inner mystery is Russian cosplayer alizacosplay (Aliza), whose stunning recreation of the emerald-eyed beauty will leave you utterly speechless.

world of warcraft wow valeera sanguinar
Blizzard Entertainment
Despite her Blood Elf heritage, Valeera sits at the right hand of the Alliance’s king, Anduin Wrynn.

WoW Valeera Sanguinar cosplay embraces the shadows

Telling Dexerto “I play WoW a lot, so I fell in love with many characters from it,” Aliza notes that “the costumes are very bright and detailed, and it’s very interesting and exciting to try to make them in real life.”

Drawn to Valeera because “I’ve read the World of Warcraft comic book series where Valeera is one of the main characters,” she said “it was love at first sight!”

Making the cosplay “from scratch,” she continues, “it was pretty difficult because it isn’t easy to sew a well-fitting bodysuit, and wigs with ponytails are also a pain.”

Despite the difficulties involved, though, the result is absolutely worth it. Glaring into the camera with those haunting green eyes, her weathered ruby bodysuit fits tight around her torso, with her tattered cape whistling in the wind. Blond hair cascades down her shoulders, and her elven ears protrude out of her velvet hood. Channeling mystery and menace in equal measure, Aliza truly embodies the shadow herself.


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Thankfully, her WoW cosplay journey won’t be ending just yet. In fact, she’s already got some new characters in the works.

“Right now I’m work on a Shadowlands Sylvanas costume, and also want to make her Ranger version in future.”

Having seen her previous iterations of the Banshee Queen, we can’t wait to see what these new cosplays look like. Until then, though, if you need Aliza she’ll be hidden in a veil of darkness just waiting to pounce.

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