World’s tallest supermodel breaks internet with Lady Dimitrescu Resident Evil cosplay

Resident Evil Village Lady Dimitrescu CosplayInstagram: @ekaterina_lisina15 / Capcom

Resident Evil cosplayers have been going nuts over Lady Dimitrescu, the tall vampire lady who took the internet by storm, but none have done it better than the world’s tallest supermodel, Ekaterina Lisina.

The internet first learned about Lady Dimitrescu when she appeared in the Resident Evil Village trailer, and it’s been obsessed with her ever since. 

Despite being introduced as a villain, the tall vampire lady went viral and quickly became an iconic figure in the cosplay community. People can’t get enough of her terrifying yet elegant look and the fact she stands at a whopping 9 feet and 6 inches tall — a whopping 3’4″ taller than the average!

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Many amazing Lady Dimitrescu cosplays have been popping up left and right. They’ve even used creative photography to try and mimic her height.

There’s only one person who can come close to pulling it off naturally; the world’s tallest supermodel, Ekaterina Lisina.

Lady Dimitrescu in MaidenCapcom
The Maiden appearance of Lady Dimitrescu was brutal (and awesome).

Ekaterina is an impressive 6 feet and 9 inches tall, the exact inverse of Lady Dimitrescu. However, they have a lot more in common than being incredibly tall.

They’re both immensely popular, and widely touted for their beauty, making her the perfect person to hold a candle to the captivating vampire lady.

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She first showcased the remarkable piece in an artistic video, which she posted on Instagram. “After keeping this a secret for so long, I am incredibly excited to reveal this special cosplay of Lady Dimitrescu,” she wrote.

“Countless amounts of hours, stress, and labor went into this ambitious project, and I hope you all will enjoy this just as much as I have. And, of course, thanks to my team for making this possible.”

Then, to keep the momentum going, she followed it up with a picture of her striking a curious pose while holding a glass of wine.

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It gives her fans a better look at the cosplay itself, which includes the iconic black hat, gloves, and white dresses, as well as the make-up and unique hairstyle.

But it seems like her fans couldn’t get enough of it and wanted to see more, and she granted their wish with a glorious full-body shot that shows the outfit from head to toe while she’s standing in a gothic-looking hallway.

The best part, though, is it shows fans how tall she really is. Her head is almost scraping the bottom of the chandelier dangling above her.

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All in all, Ekaterina’s cosplay is, without a doubt, the closest thing we’ve seen to the real deal.

It perfectly captures Lady Dimitrescu’s mysteriousness, grace, and elegance. 

And the best part is, her actual height isn’t too far off, which makes it all-the-more extraordinary — certainly one for the cosplay history books!

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