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Witcher cosplayer’s magical Ciri outfit impresses developer

Published: 16/Sep/2020 14:18

by Jacob Hale


The Witcher 3 was an incredibly popular game that became even more popular when Netflix made a TV adaptation of the story. Now, it remains a favorite of cosplayers who are fans of the show, game and books, with iconic characters and looks throughout the series.

After the success of the first season of Witcher on Netflix, it has been announced that they will be creating a spin-off series called Blood Origins, with famous Game of Thrones and Aquaman actor Jason Momoa rumored to be taking on a lead role on the show.


Spin-off aside, the Witcher’s main characters such as Geralt and Yennefer remain fan-favorites, and that’s no different in the cosplay world either.

Ciri remains one of the most popular characters, though, especially for cosplayers. Ciri comes from a long line of high-class, magical witchers. She’s the Heiress to the throne of Cintra as well as Inis Ard Skellig and Inis An Skellig, a Princess of Brugge and Duchess of Sodden among other things.

Geralt and Ciri The Witcher 3
CD Projekt Red
Ciri is one of the most important characters in the Witcher series.

The cosplay below was accurately curated by Wanderlustluca, who can often be found cosplaying as various gaming or TV characters.

The show is set in the 13th century, and Luca catches the medieval aesthetic perfectly, with a belt, boots and gloves that look borrowed from the Heiress herself.


Luca even adorns the scar that stretches across the left side of Ciri’s face, which she got from an Orion star that struck her when fleeing the town of Unicorn during The Tower of the Swallow.

The reception to the cosplay was brilliant, as well, with one person even saying that it’s “a better Ciri than Ciri herself.” Not only that, but a developer from The Witcher 3, Pawel Sasko, even caught wind of it, and absolutely loved it, “blessing” his followers with it on their timeline.

Of course, Ciri is going to continue being a popular character among cosplayers, but it’s fair to say that there aren’t many as accurate and true-to-character as Luca’s here.


Interestingly, Luca also says that she has never played the games or read the books, and is solely a fan of the TV show, but still took the time out to discover and cosplay Ciri’s look from The Witcher 3 game, proving exactly how much of a fan she is.