Witcher cosplayer enchants fans as Yennefer of Vengerberg - Dexerto

Witcher cosplayer enchants fans as Yennefer of Vengerberg

Published: 9/Jun/2020 23:25

by Bill Cooney


Yennefer is without a doubt one of the most popular characters in the Witcher series, and one fan has summoned her into our realm with an astounding cosplay.

In the world of the Witcher, Yennefer is a powerful sorceress who’s also Geralt’s “true love” (sorry, Triss fans), and a mother figure for Ciri.

Cosplayer Alyonka “saint_hysteria” Slyunkova’s take on Yen is definitely inspired from her look in the Witcher 3, and certainly reminds us of the game’s opening cinematic before you start in White Orchard.

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lovely witcher’s work from last fall

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Slyunkova didn’t have to do much to their hair for the cosplay, which ,when you add the costume in, is a spot on representation of Yen in her Nilfgaardian-appropriate attire we see early on in the game.


Those fur-lined gloves look great for keeping your digits warm during the chilly Temerian evenings, but the magical purple flames that’s being summoned in her palms probably does a good job of that, as well.

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The outfit, scenery and added effects all come together to make one of the best Yennifer cosplays we’ve ever seen – but it only gets better, if you can believe it.

If you aren’t already itching to boot up the Witcher 3 for yet another playthrough after seeing this, just wait until you see Slyunkova’s co-star.

During the Witcher 3’s opening cinematic, Yennefer is riding a horse trying to escape the battlefield, so the cosplayer decided to bring along her own trusty steed for her photoshoot.


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While we may have a while to wait on any possible news about another Witcher game, that definitely won’t stop fans from coming up with fantastic cosplays like this one.

Slyunkova doesn’t limit herself to cosplaying enchanting sorceresses such as Yen, but each one of her creations is just as well-produced, which definitely makes the rest of her work on Instagram worth a look.