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Violet Evergarden cosplayer stuns as Auto Memory Doll Violet

Published: 25/May/2021 18:54

by Brent Koepp


A Violet Evergarden cosplayer made waves on Twitter with her jaw-dropping transformation into lead protagonist Violet. The artist brings the Netflix anime to life with her gorgeous photoshoot. 

Violet Evergarden originally made its debut in 2018 as a Light Novel written by Kana Akatsuki. The series became a worldwide hit when it was adapted into an anime in 2018, as it hooked viewers with its heartbreaking coming-of-age story.

Popular cosplayer ‘Mk Ays’ went viral online when she shared her true-to-life take on the show’s protagonist, Violet. Her incredible recreation of the heroine will leave fans of the series in awe as she truly captures the character’s emotional story.


Violet in Violet Evergarden anime on Netflix
The 2018 anime has an emotionally powerful story.

Violet Evergarden cosplayer becomes real-life Violet

Spanning across time, Violet Evergarden follows the story of protagonist Violet. While her origins are a mystery, the series shows us her time in the war as a soldier before flashing to the current day where she records memories for those who can’t write.

Prolific cosplayer Mk Ays brought the character to life with her insanely accurate costume. In a series of posts on Twitter, the creative artist showed off her jaw-dropping transformation into the Auto Memory Doll as she posed in the heroine’s signature attire.  

Her outfit is meticulously detailed, from her blue leather jacket to her sparkling green broach around her neck. She also perfectly captures the blonde bun hairstyle that is tied back with a red ribbon, as well as her two flowing bangs which frame each side of her face. 


Throughout the show, we learn that Violet lost her arms in the war. Now equipped with mechanical prosthetics, she writes letters – which Ays faithfully depicted in two shots.

The artist accurately mirrored a scene from the show where the character takes off her gloves to expose her robotic hands. 

Violet Evergarden has struck a chord with many viewers who are touched by its beautiful plot. The series’ complex story arcs that span across the character’s lifetime have been a major hit in the anime genre. 

Due to its popularity, the show got a theatrical film release in 2020. Those wanting to watch the first season as well as the movie are in luck as you can catch both right now on Netflix and Funimation.