Valorant cosplayer strikes like lightning as electrifying Neon

valorant neon cosplayInstagram: ariatamagotchi, Riot Games

New Valorant Agent, Neon, has captured the imaginations of fans across Future Earth, with one cosplayer choosing to transform herself into the Filipino Duelist.

Episode 4’s addition to the Valorant fray, Neon, has barely stepped foot in the game and players are already head over heels in love with her.

Combining pure speed and electrical energy to bring down her enemies in style, the fiesty Duelist may be lethal on the battlefield, but she’s just a playful kid at heart. It’s this softer side that appears to make her oh so popular.

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Perfectly blending all of these attributes into one spectacular cosplay is ariatamagotchi whose recreation of the fast and furious Filipino will have you trying to catch a glimpse.

valorant neon lies on bed with hands behind head thinkingRiot Games
Neon’s colorful style and charming personality has won over Valorant’s playerbase.

Valorant Neon cosplay shocks the competition

“I’ve played League for so many years, and now Valorant every day,” Aria told Dexerto. “It’s definitely my favourite game right now.” Being an official Content Creator, she “was lucky enough to see her [Neon] early,” and that inspired her to put her cosplay skills to the test.

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It’s more than just those cheeky quips and cobalt accessories that attracted her to Valorant’s first Filipino Agent: it was the connection she felt with her. “I think representation is so important; I am Asian, and seeing characters that are similar to me or even those that come from different backgrounds, is inspiring and exciting. Riot’s character design team is incredible, and Neon is no exception. She’s super fun to play too.”

Describing the cosplay process as “lots of hot glue, sewing, and blue hair spray,” thankfully getting early access meant that she “was able to work pretty seamlessly.” It turns out the hardest part was washing out the blue hairspray, which is something we can all empathize with – we all had a spray hair dye phase, right?

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Despite looking like something from James Cameron’s Avatar for a few hours, it was all worth it given how perfect Aria’s Neon is.


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Her deep blue hair is trimmed with yellow, pulled back into two adorable space buns, and her outfit has been perfectly recreated – armor and all. She’s even drawn on those silvery arm and face tattoos, with Neon’s band-aid stretching across her nose.

“For the gold pieces, I used cardboard and Worbla,” Aria explained. “My friend Sophie actually gave me her heat gun and leftover Worbla, as this was my first time using it. I then painted, and added details with Polska pens.”

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However, the Worbla foam was no match for her, as she has “a degree in 3D animation, so sculpting is something I enjoy.”

And we may see her using a lot more of it in the future: “I have a lot more Valorant (and League) cosplays lined up!”

Whether it’s a fan-favorite character from either Future Earth or Runeterra, we can’t wait to see who she transforms into next.

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