Valorant cosplayer bends fear to her will as Fade

valorant fade cosplay imageRiot Games, Instagram: d.blarg354

Valorant’s latest Initiator Agent, Fade, has enchanted players everywhere with her gothic style and fear-based abilities, but one cosplayer has brought the nightmare to life with this stunning recreation of Turkey’s finest. 

While Reyna once ruled as Future Earth’s gothic empress supreme, Turkish Initiator, Fade, has somewhat stolen the Mexican Duelist‘s spotlight.

As players finally get to embody fear herself and cause havoc, one cosplayer has perfectly recreated the fan-favorite character with an outfit that will leave you breathless (because you’re so terrified, of course).

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Channeling her inner monster, Turkish artist and queen of the shadows yazmattaz (YazBae), is out for blood as Valorant’s newest Agent.

valorant fade splash artRiot Games
Stalking the shadows and looking good doing it, Fade has become an instant hit in Valorant.

Valorant cosplayer becomes fear itself as Fade

Deciding to cosplay her Turkish counterpart because “I tend to cosplay from stuff I have a connection to,” YazBae revealed to Dexerto that she was “actually considering doing Reyna until Fade was released.”

“She’s Turkish like me and I guess we kinda look a bit similar?” she states. “I had a few people messaging me about how we looked the same so it was a no-brainer really. I’ve never really had a Turkish character to cosplay before and her aesthetic is literally everything I love so it just seemed perfect!

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“I really enjoy playing her. Her kit suits my playstyle a lot, and I’ve had a lot of fun on her. I love how her voice lines integrate Turkish slang and stuff too; I think that’s a really nice touch. Also, I’m a sucker for a dark aesthetic and she just ticks all the boxes for me!”

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Given the caliber of this cosplay, we can see why it was, indeed, a “no brainer.” Moonlight silver hair cascades down her shoulders, contrasting perfectly against her smoky cat-like eyeliner and ebony lipstick. Fade’s signature facepaint stretches across her nose, and her leather gloves cling tight to talon-like hands.

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“I haven’t actually finished the official full version that I plan to debut later this year,” she told Dexerto. “The proper jacket is going to be made of faux leather, so that’s the part I’m dreading the most as it’s a pain to work with. But I always end up surprising myself with what I can achieve when I make cosplays!”

And, as you can imagine, her Valorant cosplay journey isn’t about to end with Fade; after all, you can’t simply forget about Reyna. “Reyna is on the list, and probably a bunch of other Agents – definitely more Fade!”

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As YazBae continues to transform into Valorant edgiest characters, we can’t wait to see how her Fade cosplay evolves and moulds into something truly terrifying. Until then, though, we’ll be sleeping with one eye open – not that it’ll help, because Fade haunts our dreams anyway.

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