Valorant actress turns into U.A cheerleader with awesome My Hero Academia cosplay

Published: 6/Jan/2021 5:15 Updated: 6/Jan/2021 5:57

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Carolina Ravassa, a talented voice actress from Valorant and Overwatch, expressed her love for My Hero Academia by turning into a full-fledged U.A High School cheerleader.

Carolina Ravassa is one of the most talented and beloved voice actresses in the video game industry. She is best known for voicing the roles of Sombra in Overwatch and Raze in Valorant.

However, her impressive list of talents doesn’t end there. Carolina is also a self-confessed salsa dancing addict, which comes as no surprise given her Hispanic roots. And apparently, she’s a phenomenal cosplayer too.

My hero academia cheerleader cosplay
Carolina Ravassa
Carolina Ravassa is a beloved figure in the Valorant and Overwatch communities.

Carolina is known for cosplaying some of her favorite characters from time to time. She’s dressed up as everything from Lara Croft to Wonder Woman. However, in one of her latest posts, she surprised her followers by dressing up as a U.A High School cheerleader from My Hero Academia.

“Thank you for helping us out with [this] My Hero Academia cosplay!” she said. “Had fun being a terrible cheerleader.” Funnily enough, her moves don’t seem terrible at all. She even managed to do the splits!


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Denki and Minoru trick some of the girls in Class 1-A into wearing the U.A High School cheerleader outfits in Episode 19. They were less than impressed, although they pulled them off well.

However, My Hero Academia fans adored the look of the orange, green, and white outfits, and it went on to become a popular choice among cosplayers. Carolina is one of those fans, and she looked absolutely stunning.

My hero academia cheerleader cosplay
Viz Media
My Hero Academia fans loved the U.A High School cheerleader outfits.

Carolina’s fans loved her cosplay and poured in with tens of thousands of likes to show their support. It even sparked a discussion about what Raze and Sombra would be like in the My Hero Academia universe, and what their quirks might be.

It’s always nice to see multi-talented people like Carolina spread their wings into other passions like cosplay. In fact, she’s trying to raise funds for a feature film about cosplay, which she’s producing and acting in. It’s called Morgan’s Mask, and you can support it here.


Avatar: The Last Airbender cosplayer looks graceful as Art Nouveau Toph

Published: 16/Jan/2021 7:14

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Avatar: The Last Airbender fans love Toph for her tomboyish vibe despite being raised like a princess, but a brilliant cosplayer managed to capture her elegant side by creating a refined version of her usual outfit.

The heroes in Avatar: The Last Airbender all bring something unique to the table. However, Toph is particularly remarkable because she managed to become an earth-bending master despite being blind since birth.

Initially, she wanted to prove to her parents that blindness didn’t make her weak. But she became one of the most powerful characters in the show and a valuable Team Avatar member.

Avatar: The Last Airbender Toph Cosplay
Toph Beifong turned her back on a sheltered childhood to become a powerful earth-bender.

Toph is a popular choice among cosplayers too. But while we’ve seen everything from her traditional get-up to an elegant dress she once wore, it’s hard to find one more unique than Emma J.I.Q Rubini’s Art Nouveau Toph.

“You see nothing once, and you’ve seen it a thousand times,” she said, referring to a quote. “Y’all remember when we used to have cons? I’m so happy I went to Katsucon this year since it ended up being the only one I went to.”

“Here’s the cosplay I made for it,” she added. “Art Nouveau Toph! I am incredibly proud of the work I put into it, and I’m happy I got to wear it to such a pretty con! One day maybe I’ll wear it again.”

Emma managed to capture all the crucial elements of Toph’s everyday outfit. It includes the green and beige garments, the hairstyle tucked under a headband with a flower, and of course, contact lenses to match her eyes.

However, she’s added some exotic details in line with a style known as Art Nouveau. It combines elegantly woven tapestries with encrusted jewels and other bits and pieces to add some class.

Cosplayers and their fans know how much time and effort it takes to re-create an outfit faithfully. However, it takes creativity, talent, and courage to add your flair. Emma nailed it, and the thousands of likes she’s getting are a testament to that.