Twitch star STPeach spiral arrows her way to TikTok fame with viral Cammy cosplay

Michael Gwilliam
STPeach Cammy cosplay

Popular Twitch streamer ‘STPeach’ became Street Fighter’s Cammy in an incredible cosplay that’s turned into a huge hit across TikTok, Instagram, and her own personal stream.

STPeach has a massive social media following, boasting millions of followers spread throughout Twitch, Instagtam, TikTok, and Twitter.

On September 8 and 9, all her accounts were updated with a video of herself cosplaying as Street Fighter’s Cammy – resulting in tons of fans sharing the clip. It’s easy to see why: She absolutely nailed it, with the costume’s overall appearance looking spot-on, while still maintaining her own persona and touch.

Cammy’s braided hair, red beret, black combat boots, and green sleeveless turtleneck are all on display and match the character perfectly.

In a TikTok video, STPeach combined her Cammy cosplay with a scene from The Incredibles, where Edna Mode tells Elastigirl to “pull yourself together!”

Seemingly obeying this command, STPeach then transforms from her everyday self into her full Cammy cosplay and dances for the camera. A repost of the clip on Twitter was viewed over 85,000 times in less than a day, but has since been seemingly deleted off TikTok.


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Meanwhile, on Instagram, she teased more cosplays are in the works… and fans might have a say in what character she becomes next.

“I had so much fun with this!” she exclaimed. “Let me know which cosplay you’d like to see me do next.”

If they’re anything like her take on Cammy, fans will certainly be blown away and we cannot wait to see what she has up her sleeves.