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TikToker claps back at cheeky Overwatch troll with insane Roadhog cosplay

Published: 25/Mar/2022 21:57

by David Purcell


Overwatch’s Roadhog is a ruthless killer known for bringing cruelty and wanton destruction to lobbies worldwide, but people are falling in love with a cosplayer’s take on the hero on TikTok. 

As many will know, Roadhog is among the best heroes on the entire Overwatch roster.

While the Scrap Gun-wielding character may look like a fierce foe on paper, there’s something about a cosplay doing the rounds on social media that shows you a different side to him.

Overwatch Roadhog cosplay goes viral on TikTok

Roadhog on Temple of Anubis
Blizzard Entertainment
Here’s how Roadhog looks in the Overwatch games – but how about in real life? This TikToker has tried his luck…

Described as a “one-man apocalypse,” an outfit assembled by TikToker rauxer has been racking up the likes since it was first posted on March 24.


The cosplay was in reply to a comment that joked he looked like the Overwatch hero, but more fool them.

Nearly 100,000 people have responded to the design, at the time of writing, showing the confident recreation of the Tank hero was an instant hit. The design takes the cake, and the belly dance was the cherry on top.

Credit where credit is due, rauxer is looking ready to roll out a signature Chain Hook at any moment after whipping his shirt off to complete the cosplay.


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At a glance, the only thing missing from the recreation would be his Wild tattoo – but that would take some time to paint onto the skin.


For more hardcore cosplayers, though, a real tattoo might be the answer, but that takes commitment, to say the least. Nevertheless, this certainly goes down as one of the more impressive Overwatch cosplays we’ve reported on during 2022.

With such a dedicated community attached to Activision Blizzard’s series, not to mention Overwatch 2 coming up, we can’t imagine it will be the last we see before the year is out.

And to think, this one only exists because of a cheeky troll joking in the comments… That’s how to silence the trolls.