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The Witcher cosplayer lights up with vibrant Triss Merigold outfit

Published: 25/Sep/2020 8:42 Updated: 25/Sep/2020 8:43

by Brad Norton


While fans anxiously await a new season of the hit Netflix adaptation, The Witcher community continues to impress with more and more cosplays, including this fiery Triss Merigold design.

Things have been quiet on the video game side of things since The Witcher’s last mainline release in 2015. However, fans of the RPG series have had plenty to keep themselves occupied with ever since. From the full release of Gwent to the Henry Cavill-led Netflix adaptation, the franchise may be bigger now than it ever was.

As expected, cosplayers haven’t slowed down with their renditions of popular characters either. From Yennefer to Cyberpunk-infused Ciri, there’s never any shortage of remarkable costumes. The latest comes from popular cosplayer ‘ohmysophii’ with an extremely authentic take on everyone’s favorite sorceress.


Thanks to the help of some fancy editing, this creation comes to life and stands out from the pack with realistic abilities on display.

Since I did a whole month of Witcher content, here is my Triss cosplay. I tried to channel the personality of each character as I did them, hope you enjoy! from witcher

Her take on the character has seen multiple iterations over the years though a few key details have remained consistent throughout. In the most recent version, Triss is posing for pictures while reading through a book that she often keeps handy. As a powerful healer, her skills come in handy more often than not on the battlefield.

The cosplayer’s hair is identical to the vibrant red of her video game counterpart. Moreover, every detail from the sleeves to the collars are recreated faithfully to properly capture her aura. 


Subtle color changes are noticeable throughout the unique versions of her Triss cosplay. One features bright red sleeves and a matching belt, while the other trades those out for an aqua style instead. However, perhaps the biggest difference between the two, is the character’s unmistakable amulet. 

Triss can be seen with her amulet around her neck at almost all times throughout the video games. Though one older instance of ohmysophii’s cosplay ditches this piece of jewelry for a more fiery impact. Added effects light up the photoshoot as Triss prepares a spell to fend off any monsters nearby.


Triss is far from the only character that this cosplayer has focused on in the past. In fact, characters from The Witcher franchise are among her most prominent. Be sure to check out her other designs on her official Instagram account.