The Witcher 3 cosplayer manipulates time with best ever Ciri take

Meg Bethany Koepp
CD PROJEKT RED / Instagram: @hummel.cosplay,

An incredibly talented cosplayer has taken Ciri from The Witcher 3 and transformed her into the best take on the magical character fans will probably ever see.

In the Witcher video game series, Ciri is Geralt’s adopted “daughter” and in the third game, he goes on a “wild hunt” for her across the land. More recently, Netflix has adapted the franchise into a show, boosting it in popularity significantly.

Cosplayer Anne from ‘hummel.cosplay’ showed off her take on the ashen-haired maiden, and it’s literally mindblowing as it looks as though she’s warped right out of the screen.

Ciri’s alternative costume.

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Witcher 3 Ciri cosplay

Ciri’s Witcher training makes her one of the most powerful humans in the entire world when coupled with her magical abilities, and Anne showcases this in her incredible take.

In the game, she has an alternative outfit that players can change into that consists of a red long-sleeved shirt with chainmail over the top for protection, and is something that the cosplayer nails perfectly in her re-creation.

Her ash blonde hair is also mimicked with accuracy, and the German ties it all together by replicating her messy bun style too. The photoset, taken by ‘LichtReserven,’ makes it all come to life.

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There is another one!! @lichtreserven ? does not only take awesome pictures but is also an amazing editor!! Look at these incredible effects!! >

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In another shot, the cosplayer readies for battle by pulling on the hilt of her sword, and strikes a facial expression to let fans know she means business.

Ciri is quick on her feet due to her abilities, so she is able to catch opponents off guard with ease as she flashes around and they never see her coming.

Anne has also cosplayed as other video game characters such as Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn, and D.Va and Ana from Overwatch.

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Jep. Love it. No more words. Thank you @lichtreserven ? for taking these awesome pictures and for having so many awesome posing ideas like this one!! >

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Fans of the game can watch the first season of its live action form on Netflix now, with season two expected by the end of 2021.

The series massively boosted The Witcher 3 sales, and caused it to shatter player records due to new and old fans wanting to either revisit it or see what all the fuss is about.