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Sword Art Online cosplayer shows off incredible Asuna Yuuki look

Published: 16/Mar/2020 15:16

by Matt Porter


A talented Sword Art Online cosplayer brought Asuna Yuuki to life with an incredible take on the heroine, who looks ready for battle in the crazy virtual world in which she finds herself.

Sword Art Online is one of the most popular animes ever, capturing viewers ever since its release in 2012 with an incredible story that follows a group of players who become trapped inside a MMORPG game played in virtual reality.

The show’s first main arc follows Kazuto Kirigaya, who befriends and eventually falls in love with another player named Asuna Yuuki, a fierce warrior whose skills with a sword at practically unmatched, with the character quickly becoming an integral part of the story as the attempt to escape from the game without losing their life, which has the catastrophic consequence in real life.


A-1 Studios
Asuna Yuuki is a fierce warrior, and a master with the sword.

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Cosplayer ‘misskalidoyle’ is clearly a fan of the character, and showed off her incredible take on her with a near-perfect version of Asuna Yuuki, making it look like she was lifted straight out of the virtual world and dropped into real life.

Showing off her outfit on Instagram, the Sword Art Online fan clearly went to some major effort to capture the swordswoman as spectacularly as she did, wearing the same white top with red detailing that Yuuki wears in the show, and her hair parted into two long sections just like the character.

Her red pleated skirt is there, along with her thigh-high socks complete with red accents and the high-cross logo, finishing the look off with the same white boots that can be seen on the Asuna when she heads into battle.


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Sword Art Online started life as a light novel, eventually becoming a manga and smash-hit anime series, propelling it into the hearts and minds of anime fans worldwide.

The series remains incredibly popular today despite going off the air in 2014, with fans of the show still obsessed with the characters and story arcs that were created in the show.