Stunning Valorant cosplays are the best way to celebrate Yr1

Riot Games/@cutiepiesensei/@StellaChuuuuu

As part of their Valorant Yr1 celebrations, Riot Games have commissioned cosplayers from around the world to cosplay as Astra, Killjoy, Reyna, Skye and Yoru.

As Valorant’s Yr1 celebrations continue to get underway with the free Yr Event Pass and wwFest, Riot are continuing to bring the party. 

Taking a similar route to competitors such as Blizzard, the devs have commissioned a series of stunning cosplays that have wowed players all across the globe.

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From the celestial Controller Astra to the nature loving Initiator Skye, let’s take a look at Riot’s Yr1 cosplays.

Valorant Yr1Riot Games
Valorant have certainly brought the part with the Yr1 festivities!

Stunning Valorant cosplays are blowing players’ minds

The five Agents that Riot chose to have cosplayers create in real life are Astra, Killjoy, Reyna, Skye and Yoru.

Listed in alphabetical order, the first stunning cosplay on our list is cutiepiesensei‘s Astra. Seen sporting the character’s in-game purple outfit, alongside a casual violet and yellow outfit that we’d wear any day of the week. With perfectly sculpted body paint framing her figure, she’s truly channeling Astra’s African-futurism vibes. 

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From a similarly futuristic and colorful vein comes the next cosplay, Killjoy. Created by Stella Chuu, her neon yellow jacket and mint green beanie are perfectly recreated. Where our eyes jump to, though, is that adorable little turret. Crafted to perfection, we can imagine it sitting on top of the A-Site boxes on Bind. 

From the blue-soaked laboratories of Germany to the heart of Mexico, next up on our list is Alicia Marie’s perfectly crafted Reyna. Sporting that skintight black and purple outfit, and her stunning black tattoos, at first glance this could easily be a 3D-rendering of Reyna. Additionally, Alicia puts her spin on an everyday outfit for the vampiric Duelist, and it’s safe to say we want that in our closet right now.

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Taking a trip across the world, next on the list is Australia’s resident ranger, Skye. Donning her iconic camouflage and tying those luscious ginger locks back into a braid, mothchildcc looks as though she’s just stepped out of the depths of the outback into Future Earth. A slightly more casual (as if Skye could get any more casual) image sees her chilling outside the local diner, most likely after a few pints.

Last on the list is Phil Mizuno’s Yoru, who is purely channeling his inner grunge vibes. Sporting that Sonic the Hedgehog blue quiff spiked hair and an ebony leather jacket, he looks like he’s ready to take to the underground streets of Tokyo and murder some radiants from the safety of the shadows.

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All in all, each one of these cosplayers nailed both the look and feel of their respective Agents. As Valorant’s cosplay scene continues to blossom, we can’t wait to see other Agents  recreated in real life.

If you’ve already mastered the cosplay game, though, send us your best efforts on our dedicated Twitter, ValorINTEL.

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