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Stunning Tifa Lockhart cosplayer is ready for Final Fantasy VII’s remake

Published: 3/Mar/2020 6:49

by Brad Norton


The Final Fantasy VII remake is right around the corner but this Tifa Lockhart cosplayer is already prepared to battle her way through Midgar.

It has been 23 years since the initial release of Final Fantasy VII on the original PlayStation yet fans could not be more enthusiastic to revisit Midgar when the first part of the remake releases on April 10.

Gearing up once again for the epic tale with Cloud Strife, cosplayers around the world have been recreating the newly updated cast of characters in preparation and this Tifa Lockhart cosplay might just be the best of the bunch.

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One of the most inspirational figures in FFVII’s grand tale, Tifa, a childhood friend of Cloud, accompanies him throughout the epic adventure as their group of eco-terrorists plot to take down Sephiroth.

Donning her iconic red and black attire, popular cosplayer ‘misswarmj’ portrayed Tifa throughout her latest photoshoot in order to celebrate the upcoming rerelease.

“Tifa is a little unhappy her remake got delayed,” she joked, sharing the same sentiment as millions of Final Fantasy fans around the world that have desperately been longing to play the remake since it’s shock announcement at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in 2015.


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A light and breathable design, Tifa’s costume is more than fit for a battle at any point in time, making this a relatively hassle-free cosplay to don for any local conventions.

From the rose-red boots to her fingerless gloves, finer details have been taken into consideration when designing the custom cosplay.

Capitalizing on the excitement of the March 1 FFVII remake demo, misswarmj shared her Tifa set on Instagram to more than 412,000 followers in the very same night Square Enix released the playable segment on the PlayStation Store.

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Evidently excited to step foot in Midgar once again, the cosplayer and Final Fantasy fans won’t have to wait much longer to sink their teeth into the first section of the remake. There’s no indicating when followup chapters might be made available to round out the rest of FFVII’s narrative, however.


Not the only popular gaming character that she has tackled in the past, misswarmj has focused her costume designing efforts on all manner of iconic figures from Overwatch’s D.Va to Resident Evil’s Ada Wong.