Street Fighter cosplayer stuns fans as Chun Li’s doppelganger

chun lee street fighter cosplay dvrazn0Twitter, @dvrazn0 / Capcom

As one of Street Fighter’s most popular characters, Chun Li has gotten the cosplay treatment countless times. But ‘dvrazn0’ absolutely stunned fans with a take that looks practically identical to the beloved fighter.

Introduced in Street Fighter II, Chun Li (more appropriately named Chun-Li, but colloquially known without the hyphen) is a Chinese martial artist and interpol officer who has become one of the game’s most iconic protagonists. Whether it’s cosplay, inclusion in other games, or even mentions in pop culture (e.g. Chun-Li by Nicki Minaj) — Chun Li has gotten a lot of attention since her 1991 debut.

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With a character so commonly referenced and imitated, it’s rare for a Chun Li cosplay to demand attention. But dvrazn0’s is a deserving exception, as the cosplayer rocks the Street Fighter icon’s outfit seamlessly and ends up looking like a real-world doppelganger.

From the replies to dvrazn0’s tweet, it’s clear that this Chun Li impersonation has made the impression. From people calling her “cute” and “pretty” to outright smashing their keyboards in unfiltered delight, this embodiment of Chun Li is levels above the rest.

To start things off, one must appreciate the outfit. Chun Li’s renowned blue qipao is spot-on, as are the unmissable bun covers adorning her hair. While dvrazn0 forsakes the spiked, metal bracelets that the character typically dons, she makes up for it with the outfit and general resemblance to the character. 

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“They need rappers like me. So they can get on their f**kin’ keyboards and make me, the bad guy, Chun-Li.” As Nicki Minaj’s lyrics reinforce, Chun Li is a confident character who warrants some degree of fear. 

This is no accident, as the character made her presence very known as the first female character ever introduced to the franchise back in Street Fighter II: “I am the strongest woman in the world!”

chun li street fighter vCapcom
Look at Chun Li, man. So inspirational.

Despite showing no martial arts moves or even any visible intentions to fight, the replies prove just two pictures of dvrazn0’s cosplay are enough to induce submission by all. You have to embody a pretty strong character to get people to respond “DEMOLISH ME PLEASE IM BEGGING” and “Oh my God please END ME.”

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But, a personal favorite reply will always be this one, which demonstrates just how indescribably impressive this cosplay really is: “fkglsdFGKSLNFMGsGSKLDFNg sdNHKLSDF.”