Stranger Things cosplayer brings viral Dall-E Demogorgon basketball creation to life

Philip Trahan
stranger things ai demogorgon cosplay header image
Twitter: @m4stiff / Dall-E Mini

A cosplayer went viral after bringing the Dall-E AI-generated Demogorgon holding a basketball meme to life in hilarious fashion.

An AI image generator Dall-E recently took the internet by storm creating a viral craze. One cosplayer is using Dall-E to help create a stunning cosplay of a Demogorgon from Stranger Things.

The program has spawned many memes, including a very popular rendition of several AI-generated images of a Demogorgon from Stranger Things holding a basketball.

Now, one cosplayer recently brought the meme to life in cosplay they wore to the 2022 Anime Expo convention.

Cosplayer brings Demogorgon basketball meme to life

demogorgon basketball meme
Dall-E Mini
An image of an AI-created mashup of a Stranger Things Demogorgon holding a basketball was one of the most viral pictures created by Dall-E mini.

The cosplay came to life thanks to cosplayer “M4stiff‘ polling their Twitter followers on what cosplay they should wear to Anime Expo with the “top liked reply” being the winner.

In a now-viral tweet captioned “I have got to stop letting Twitter decide,” cosplayer ‘M4stiff’ revealed the basketball holding Demogorgon won.

After asking their followers for suggestions Mastiff tweeted “looks like I have 3 days to craft a Demogorgon head and learn how to ball,” confirming the quick turnaround for the cosplay.

Despite being a meme suggestion, the cosplay is pretty impressive, especially given such short notice.

M4stiff used a morph suit to create the Demogorgon’s body along with the beast’s iconic flower-petal-like mouth.

The tweet showcasing M4stiff’s cosplay and the circumstances around it gained nearly 240,000 likes and over 16,500 retweets in just two days.

A combination of the hype surrounding Stranger Things Season 4, the absurdity of the cosplay, and the Demogorgon meme no doubt fueled the post’s traction.

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