Spellbinding Witcher 3 cosplay perfectly recreates sorceress Kiera Metz

Alan Bernal
Zoevolf Instagram / CD Projekt Red

An incredible cosplay design for The Witcher’s Keira Metz makes the artist completely transform into the sorceress, highlighting the Temerians more elegant side.

Cosplayers have been recreating the myriad characters from The Witcher cast for a long time, but the Netflix adaptation for the series has been really turning heads to the epic saga starring the White Wolf, Geralt of Rivia.

The incredible thing about Witcher cosplays is the intricacies of the outfits. From the leatherwork of Witcher gear to the meticulous designs of the dresses and garbs, every character is incredibly detailed in both the adaptation and the games.

Geralt of Rivia with Kiera Metz in Witcher 3CD Projekt Red
The Witcher characters have distinct features in their outfits.

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Cosplayer ‘ZoeVolf’ makes no exception to the rule, with her incredible display as one of the Witcher’s more sophisticated witches.

More in tune with how she looks at the tail end of the Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, Zoe has long, platinum blonde hair that sits atop the steely demeanor of a high-class socialite.

Fans will remember that Metz has no love for the grimy parts of Temeria, as someone who likes to keep her clean demeanor at all times.

ZoeVolf Instagram / Photo: schmelzertobias
ZoeVolf donned an insane cosplay for Kiera Metz from the Witcher 3.

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In that regard, Zoe’s cosplay shines in the dirt landscape her team chose to take the photoshoot of the design.

Her outfit especially is vibrant in front of the background, with the blue and red material popping out against her long white skirt.

Speaking of her shirt, it features an open-chest design with impressive details around the collar, draping down almost to the ground.

schmelzertobias Instagram
ZoeVolf brings a natural charisma to her cosplays.

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A more impressive subtle detail can be seen in her red sash across her waist. Even though its blood red in color, you can still make out the barely noticeable designs across the belt.

With matching red long-sleeved gloves and a satchel to carry her latest tombs and recipes, Zoe completes her costume for one of the series more troubling characters for Geralt.

Zoe Volf is a very accomplished cosplayer, having done everything from popular characters like Dolores from Westworld to comic book heroines like Black Cat and others.

She has a knack for showcasing a more pristine take to the characters she mirrors, but none so charming as her design for Keira Metz.