Sneaky’s “Tsundere Snacky” cosplay creates iconic anime style character

Sneaky cosplayRiot Games, Twitter: Sneaky

Former Cloud9 ADC Zach ‘Sneaky’ Scuderi is known for dipping his toes into the cosplay universe, but the League of Legends superstar has outdone himself with this recent outfit.

Cloud9 LoL icon Sneaky left his mark on the title’s extensive esports scene not only because of star studded career full of sick plays, but because of his insane cosplay talents.

One of his most recent cosplay endeavours saw him create his very own character in the style of K/DA, League of Legends’ iconic K-pop group.

This time around he’s created yet another disguise for his cosplay alter ego, Snacky, and it is absolutely stunning.

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Sneaky has a few potential options heading into LCS 2021 Spring.Riot Games
Cloud9’s former ADC extraordinaire has more talents than just demolishing the bot lane.

Sneaky creates Tsundere Snacky

While Sneaky is renowned for his cosplays of popular anime characters, this time he’s created an entirely new persona based on the Japanese concept of ‘tsundere.’

Tsundere is defined at the “Japanese term for a character development process that depicts a character with a personality who is initially polarized warm/soft, cold, temperamental, hotheaded before gradually showing a warmer, friendlier side over time.”

Wearing a white cropped top with adorable aqua eye decals, paired with a peach and orange checked skirt, it’s not hard to imagine this character starting out as that popular girl in school, the slowly but surely humanizing over time.

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The beautifully styled blonde wig and perfectly sculpted glowing makeup matches the friendlier side of the Tsundere character.

Crediting his girlfriend, Lynn, for the stunning makeup and Squarenoodles for the photography, this cosplay really is a piece of art.

Even his former organization Cloud9 have jumped in to compliment the images, writing “you’re so hot brother” as they do on all of his cosplays.

This cosplay was April’s exclusive image, so we can’t wait to see how the next few months progress. With new characters dropping in LoL such as Gwen, we’d love to see Snacky take on the seamstress in the future.

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Will he? Only time will tell.