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Smash Ultimate’s top Daisy dominates foes while cosplaying as his main

Published: 22/Sep/2020 23:48

by Michael Gwilliam


Japanese Smash Ultimate pro Shimizu ‘Umeki’ Masaki is regarded by many to be the best Daisy player in the world and showcased his insane skills while cosplaying the Peach-clone during a stream.

Umeki’s Daisy’s skills are top notch with the pro frequently finishing with good results in tournaments across Japan with victories over some of the best in the region.

During a September 18 YouTube stream, the player decided to take it a step further and cosplay as the Mario character.

For a good two hours and change, the formidable player took stock after stock from opponents while competing on the game’s WiFi mode.

The best part, however, came when the pro matched against a Mario player and proceeded to absolutely wipe the floor with the Nintendo mascot.

In the span of just fourty-five seconds, Masaki was able to completely annihilate the plumber through a series of turnips tosses leading to off-stage antics including down airs, forward airs and to top it all off, a Daisy Bomber.

Best of all, he did it all while only taking 16.5% damage, which is on the extremely low side of things.

The clip, which was uploaded to Twitter, went viral racking up over 200,000 views. An impressive feat to say the least.

While Daisy is technically an Echo Fighter of Peach, the two have near-identical movesets. Speaking of Peach and cosplays, another prominent pro, Ezra ‘Samsora’ Morris dressed up as his main during Smash Ultimate Summit 2.

Samsora is widely regarded as the best Peach in the world, so now all we need is for he and Umeki to duke it out in Smash while dressed as their mains.

Sadly, we’re going to have to wait for LANs to come back before we ever get that opportunity unless they want to try to match against each other despite the massive ping differences online.


Attack on Titan cosplayer hacks and slashes into battle as Eren Yeager 

Published: 2/Dec/2020 7:07

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Attack on Titan’s Eren Yeager is a popular choice among cosplayers, but a recent effort re-created the character perfectly, and the pictures have gone viral. 

Attack on Titan is one of the darkest and strangest mainstream animes in recent times. However, that hasn’t stopped it from becoming an incredibly popular smash-hit. If anything, it’s probably the reason why.

Nobody ever thought they’d be into a story about human soldiers locked into a battle with over-sized human-looking monsters called Titans who eat people.

Yet, here we all are, and we’re hooked. 

Attack on Titan has many interesting characters, but it revolves around Eren Yeager, the main protagonist. He started as an impulsive and hardheaded peasant with a burning despite to help eliminate Titans.

But he quickly grew into a capable member of the Scout Regiment and even stumbled upon a special power of his own. For that reason, he’s become a fan-favorite among fans and cosplayers alike.

Attack On Titan Eren Yeager Cosplay
Eren Yeager is the main protagonist in Attack on Titan.

A cosplayer named Noah Lance decided to step into Eren Yeager’s boots. They’re massive ones to fill, but he did such a great job, the photos have gone viral. The pictures have already generated almost 10,000 likes on Instagram.

“I hate people when they’re not polite,” he said, in reference to one of Eren Yeager’s quotes from the show. “If you end up on my table, then it serves you right.”


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Noah’s outfit looks like the real deal. It has everything from the khaki-colored shirt, brown belt, brown straps to a replica necklace. The dual swords are the best feature, though, and they round it off nicely.

There’s also a second shot that provides a more zoomed-out view of the boots, straps, and pants. Noah’s definitely put in a lot of attention to detail, and it shows.

“And I’m hoping that you will see yourself like I see you,” he said.


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Attack on Titan can be dark and grueling at times, but it still provides endless opportunities for fans and cosplayers to shine. Noah’s Eren Yeager cosplay is a testament to that.

The fourth and final series kicks off on December 7.

It marks the beginning of the end for the show, but there’s no doubt Attack on Titan fans will be in for a roller-coaster ride along the way.