Smash Ultimate’s top Daisy dominates foes while cosplaying as his main

. 2 years ago
Smash Ultimate pro cosplays as Daisy

Japanese Smash Ultimate pro Shimizu ‘Umeki’ Masaki is regarded by many to be the best Daisy player in the world and showcased his insane skills while cosplaying the Peach-clone during a stream.

Umeki’s Daisy’s skills are top notch with the pro frequently finishing with good results in tournaments across Japan with victories over some of the best in the region.

During a September 18 YouTube stream, the player decided to take it a step further and cosplay as the Mario character.

For a good two hours and change, the formidable player took stock after stock from opponents while competing on the game’s WiFi mode.

The best part, however, came when the pro matched against a Mario player and proceeded to absolutely wipe the floor with the Nintendo mascot.

In the span of just fourty-five seconds, Masaki was able to completely annihilate the plumber through a series of turnips tosses leading to off-stage antics including down airs, forward airs and to top it all off, a Daisy Bomber.

Best of all, he did it all while only taking 16.5% damage, which is on the extremely low side of things.

The clip, which was uploaded to Twitter, went viral racking up over 200,000 views. An impressive feat to say the least.

While Daisy is technically an Echo Fighter of Peach, the two have near-identical movesets. Speaking of Peach and cosplays, another prominent pro, Ezra ‘Samsora’ Morris dressed up as his main during Smash Ultimate Summit 2.

Samsora is widely regarded as the best Peach in the world, so now all we need is for he and Umeki to duke it out in Smash while dressed as their mains.

Sadly, we’re going to have to wait for LANs to come back before we ever get that opportunity unless they want to try to match against each other despite the massive ping differences online.

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