Skyrim cosplayer goes viral with phenomenal Daedric Armor re-creation

Skyrim logo with deadric armorBethesda Softworks

An incredibly skilled cosplayer shared her handmade Daedric Armor from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on social media. The jaw-dropping costume quickly went viral.

Skyrim originally released in 2011 on PC and consoles, and became an absolute worldwide phenomena. The Bethesda RPG smashed sales records for the studio, and has become a staple in gaming culture.

However in 2020, fans are still passionate about the groundbreaking title, such as a cosplay artist that re-created a full scale Daedric Armor set. And it’s every bit as mind blowing as it sounds.

Bethesda Softworks
The 2011 RPG has become an instant classic.

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Skyrim’s Daedric Armor comes to life

The Elder Scrolls series made its debut in 1994, but became a household name in the RPG genre with the release of Morrowind in 2002. The fifth title in the franchise saw players exploring the land of Skyrim.

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Cosplayer ‘Shouseb1tch13’ re-created the games powerful Daedric Armor set and shared it on Reddit. The talented artist made the insanely detailed costume for Comic Con.

Fans of the series were blown away by the stunning costume, and couldn’t stop gushing over its accuracy. User ‘Irrelephantoops’ joked, “You have smithing level 90 for sure.” Another user ‘WinterOfCollegeHold” exclaimed, “Damn, how many Dwarven bows did you have to craft to level your smithing that high?”

Elder Scrolls fans were blown away by the detail of the handmade armor.

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The post quickly went viral, and at the time of writing has over 24k likes on the Skyrim subreddit. The artist opened up to questions on the forum and explained how long it took her to make.

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“I worked on it intermittently for about 11 months. Some days I’d be able to work on it all day, then there would be some weeks I wouldn’t work on it at all,” she revealed.

Reddit: Shouseb1tch13
The talented artist revealed how long it took her to make her creation.

Shouse also gave a detailed breakdown of everything that went into creating the the Skyrim outfit. She used worbla, foam, and various paints to bring it all together. Although with how detailed it is, it looks like it’s actual ebony and ingot.

Reddit: Shouseb1tch13
The cosplayer gave a summary of what went into making the IRL armor set.

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The viral armor set is just another example of how much talent and skill goes into cosplaying. Artists like the Redditor truly do bring our favorite games to real life with their intricate work.

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If this cosplay has made you feel nostalgic for Skyrim, it can be bought for cheap on Steam, or PlayStation Network. If nothing else, this is the perfect way to get hyped for the upcomong Elder Scrolls 6.