Skyrim cosplay stuns fans with incredible Nightingale Armor outfit - Dexerto

Skyrim cosplay stuns fans with incredible Nightingale Armor outfit

Published: 16/Nov/2019 18:17

by Andy Williams


An incredible Skyrim cosplay has brought the elusive faction of the Thieves Guild to life with this detailed take on Nightingale Armor.

If there’s one thing that Skyrim can boast, it’s the game’s impressive lore which runs deep into a character’s backstory. 

The Dragonborn can choose to pledge their allegiance to one of several factions while playing through the extensive campaign. One of which, are the Nightingales.  

The Nightingales are a secret inner circle of the Thieves Guild whose sole objectives are to protect Nocturnal’s shrines.

Bethesda Game Studios.Out of sight, out of mind: The Thieves Guild hide deep beneath the surface.

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As the Dragonborn, you can earn the trust of the Thieves Guild and complete a series of tasks to gain the armor blessed by Nocturnal.


The Trinity Restored quest line is onerous to say the least. Players are expected to show their worth by completing a series of tasks to prove their worth. Arguably the most aesthetically pleasing armor set in the game, the Nightingale Armor set offers a warranted grind. 

By way of tribute to the secret faction, Reddit user, ‘Drakmire’, posted their authentic take on the Nightingale Armor. As you’d expect, fans have lapped up the cosplayer’s efforts — receiving almost 28k upvotes in 48 hours. 

After months of work, I finished making the Nightingale Armor out of real leather from r/skyrim

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Drakmire goes on to detail the crafting process and months of effort that it took to create the costume, stating: “It was hours per day, every day, for maybe 4 months for what’s actually pictured.”


The Reddit user’s efforts haven’t gone unnoticed, with the official Elder Scrolls Twitter account recognizing their endeavors by posting an image of the armor.

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Made out of real leather, no expenses were spared when creating the Skyrim cosplay ensemble. Perhaps the one-of-a-kind take on Nightingale Armor will be swaggered around an upcoming convention? 

After Elder Scrolls VI was teased earlier this year, one can only assume there will be plenty of opportunities to boast the impressive rendition.