Seven Deadly Sins cosplayer’s stunning Elizabeth Liones take goes viral

Netflix / Instagram: @mk_ays

A talented cosplayer has transformed herself into Elizabeth Liones from the popular anime The Seven Deadly Sins. The talented artist wowed fans with her incredible recreation of the heroine. 

The Seven Deadly Sins exploded in popularity after being picked up by streaming giant Netflix in 2015. Based on a manga, the series centers on a group of knights who disband after being framed for betraying their kingdom.

Prolific cosplay artist ‘mk_ays‘ had fans of the show going wild when she revealed her incredibly accurate costume of female protagonist Elizabeth Liones. She looks so much like her, it’s as if the princess has walked from out of the screen itself.

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Seven Deadly Sins was the second exclusive anime Netflix signed to their platform in 2015.

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Elizabeth Liones comes to life

In the story, Elizabeth is the third princess of the Kingdom Liones, and is search of the Seven Deadly Sins knights. On her quest to find them, she temporarily works as a waitress at the Boar Hat – a bar owned by protagonist Meliodas.

Cosplayer mk_ays portrayed the heroine in her work attire, perfectly creating her pink blouse and navy blue necktie. The talented artist also captured her flowing silver hair that covers her right eye.

In what is a perfect re-creation of a scene from the anime, the Russian cosplayer walked while balancing a tray of drinks in one hand, while holding a plate of food in the other.

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The post quickly went viral with over 27k likes on Instagram at the time of writing. Fans of the series were blown away by the faithful depiction such as user ‘federicokun89’ who said, “Amazing!!! This is not a cosplay…it’s reality.” Another user agreed exclaiming, “This is so accurate! You look just like her.”

The cosplay went viral as Seven Deadly Sins fans gushed over how accurate it is.

This isn’t the first time Ays has shared her take on the character. On January 29, she gave followers a glimpse of her costume with a “test” photo which left fans seeing double.

The up-close shot shows the cosplayer fixing her waitress top while her blue eye peers out from her parted hair. The artist nails every detail, even down to her signature earring which, in the show, is the Liones’ royal family symbol.

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The Seven Deadly Sins originally made its debut in the popular Japanese Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine. Published in 2012, the adventure fantasy has gripped millions of fans.

For those interested in watching the classic anime, the first three seasons are on Netflix. While the streaming platform hasn’t officially confirmed when its getting season 4, it’s expected in 2020.