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Sailor Moon cosplayer fights evil by moonlight as elegant Neptune

Published: 1/May/2020 14:24

by Theo Salaun


She may not be the most famous of Sailor Moon’s cast, but a cosplayer has sourced the perfect colors and vibe for a sophisticated Sailor Neptune.

Striking teal, complemented by the depths of navy blue and a stark contrast in the white uniform and gold tiara. Adorned in a marine ensemble—Sailor Neptune paints an emotive picture.

Known for her poise, elegance and mastery over the ocean, Neptune’s look fits snugly with her character. Teal is a comforting, albeit vibrant color that lends itself directly to her prowess in the arts and to her preferred extracurricular activity for relaxation: swimming.


Viz Media
Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune.

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Navy blue, conversely, is an easy allusion to the mysteries of the deep sea—similar to the wide breadth of power hidden behind Sailor Neptune’s calm, graceful exterior.

Instagram cosplayer ‘anarchystockers,’ does it right. The self-professed “human disaster” and “terrible cosplayer” is also a liar, because this look is a human success story and quality cosplay.

From the soothing aquatic hues to the unforced expressions, Tabitha of Delaware comfortably conveys the calm, yet spirited nature possessed by the Soldier of the Sea.

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Sure, nobody is perfect. It’s true that bringing out a prop, like the Deep Aqua Mirror, would take this look to another level. But ‘anarchystockers’ even rolled the gloves down a little, which is the signature look of Neptune and her lover, Uranus (…also known as her cousin, if you happened to watch the English dub in the 2000s).


Neptune’s alternate identity, Michiru Kaioh, is a composed, self-assured student who excels in the arts (specifically as a painter and violinist) and in all of her classes. Her other alternate identity, Princess Neptune, protected her home planet while rocking a gown and residing in a castle.

That’s a multifaceted, yet consistently composed character. Someone who could casually flirt with a dude, Seiya Kou (while she is in her male civilian disguise), to figure out if they’re a threat—while not being attracted to men. Sneaky.

‘Anarchystockers’ therefore made the right choice by opting for muted, indecipherable facial expressions juxtaposed against a sharp focus in her eyes.


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She also made the right choice by choosing Sailor Neptune’s outfit instead of the Princess or Michiru outfits. Super Sailor Neptune would have been cool too, but this look is just clean and badass.

Most importantly, the classic uniform is a great backdrop for the turquoise wig. And even more importantly, you can still stream Sailor Moon on sites like Viz, Hulu and Crunchyroll.