Ronda Rousey’s Mortal Kombat Sonya Blade cosplay brings the pain

Warner Bros

Former UFC champion turned movie star Ronda Rousey partook in the charity event Kombat for a Kause by cosplaying as Mortal Kombat’s dangerous US Special Forces officer Sonya Blade.

In a video posted to Instagram, Ronda first shows up dressed up in casual attire consisting of a straw hat, jean shorts and brown boots. However, once she tosses her hat at the camera, she reappears dressed completely differently.

Without warning, metal music kicks in and the former WWE and UFC champion is dressed as Sonya Blade.

Warner Bros
Sonya has been in Mortal Kombat since the beginning.

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The outfit in general is pretty snazzy with camo pants, black army boots, dog tags around her neck and a vest supposedly full of high-tech gadgets.

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If that wasn’t enough, with the use of some special effects, she even fires lasers from her arm-mounted weapon.

Ronda credited costume creator Alicia Marie for the outfit and noted that even her messy room was supposed to be part of the cosplay.

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“And yes, the crumpled up pink panties on the floor are part of the cosplay,” she explained. “This is how I imagine Sonya’s room actually looks, she leaves cotton panties like bread crumbs around her house like I do.”

Sonya Blade was the first female Mortal Kombat character introduced in the series and has since become one of its most famous fighters.

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Amusingly, both Rousey and Blade pack armbar submissions in their arsenals, with Ronda winning numerous UFC matches thanks to the maneuver, so it’s really no wonder she would be a fit to dress as Blade.

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Additionally, she ended up voicing Sonya in Mortal Kombat 11. “I’ve always admired her, and admittedly kind of emulated her in my own way. Now, I get to try to be her,” she revealed.

Rousey’s geek side has been well-documented. When she was only 16-years-old, she was a moderator on the now-defunct website Gametalk where she looked after the Pokemon Stadium 2 section.

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In February 2020, the athlete signed an exclusive streaming deal with Facebook Gaming joining the likes of Super Smash Bros star Gonzalo ‘ZeRo’ Barrios and Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang on the platform.