Motorized Iron Man cosplay wields the power of all six Infinity Stones

by Brad Norton
Marvel Studios


Thanos should be shaking in his boots as a result of this stunning 3D-printed Iron Man cosplay that goes the extra mile and does more than just serve as a faithful costume.

While many cosplayers around the world focus their efforts on hammering out the finer intricacies of their chosen design, a number of adventurous creators go that one step further and find new ways to make their costumes stand out.

Rather than simply piecing together a full body of armor with Iron Man’s color scheme intact, this remarkable cosplayer has been developing a functioning suit from the ground up.

Instagram: frankly_built
An early look at the full suit in development.


Sharing their process with the world on Instagram, ‘frankly_built’ provided a number of behind the scenes looks at a dazzling Iron Man costume that features various functions beyond your standard cosplay.

Throughout a February 19 post, they showcased results of a test that focused on the helmet in particular. Successfully able to lift the front plate up and back down into place, the designer is able to change the appearance of the costume all with a simple movement of their fingers.

“This will also allow me to interact and move normally without having to reach for buttons or triggers somewhere else in my body,” they said, emphasizing the neat functionality not only adds visual flair, but also allows for easier adjustment.


Highlighting a different aspect of the overall build, they put Iron Man’s version of the Infinity Gauntlet on display, with all six Infinity Stones lighting up the room.

While the lights emanating from the gems themselves are one thing, the creator ramped things up a notch and included a light-up repulsor on the left palm of the armor suit.

When retracting the fingers on their hand and pulling the wrist back slightly, the palm glows as though the cosplayer is ready to blast down an enemy from afar. 

“I’m also working on a special trigger mechanism for the stones so they also come on during specific movements,” they teased, indicating that even more functionality is on the way once they continue work on the suit.


Having shattered records with the highest-grossing film of all time in Avengers: Endgame, there’s no denying just how iconic of a figure Iron Man has become over the years. 

Taking this stunning cosplay to a local convention could be a surefire way to turn heads due to the unique functionality that has been built into it from the ground up.