Re:Zero cosplayer shows off magical take on half-elf heroine Emilia

White Fox / Instagram: @spisy_cosplay

A skilled cosplayer has shared the most magical take on Emilia that fans will ever see, bringing the half-elf heroine to life with an amazing take.

Re:Zero was the breakout anime of 2016, with many falling in love with its dark themes of death, loss, mystery, and battle. It follows the story of main protagonist Subaru Natsuki, a recluse who is suddenly summoned to a magical world while on a trip to the convenience store.

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There, he meets Emilia, a silver-haired half-elf woman and her companion Puck, an Artificial Spirit who protects her from harm. In a twisted turn of events, they’re all killed but Subaru awakens with the day completely reset and discovers that he has the ability to rewind time by dying.

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Re:Zero Emilia cosplay

In the anime and the manga, the half-elf wears a white and purple outfit that consists of a corset with long, draping sleeves attached, a mini skirt, and thigh-high heeled boots. A golden eagle insignia is featured on the end of the sleeves, too.

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Cosplayer ‘Spisy’ recreated her clothing perfectly in her look, nailing every single small detail with perfect accuracy, even down to the matching choker with crystal stone pendant.

She even recreated Emilia’s silver hair, and mimicked the classic braid that sits across the character’s head, as well as the cross-style hairclip pinned by her bangs.

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In another shot, the cosplayer poses with Rem and Ram outside Roswaal’s mansion. The pair are the half-elf’s maids, and live in the massive house together under the care of Roswall, a Margrave and a sponsor for Emilia’s endeavor for the throne. The pink haired girl is cosplayed by ‘kura_cosplay‘ and blue by ‘tessa_crownster.’

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The photograph really does look like a shot right out of the anime, and could very easily be mistaken for a live-action version of the dark fantasy.

Spisy is no stranger to cosplay, and boasts 12.5k followers on her Instagram account where she posts designs from other popular shows such as Sword Art Online, Darling in the Franxx, My Hero Academia, and more.

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The first season of Re:Zero wrapped up in September 2016, and left fans hungry for more due to many story elements being left unexplained and unanswered – though a second arc is planned to start airing in April 2020.

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Season one of the anime is available to watch in its entirety on streaming service Crunchyroll.

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