Resident Evil cosplayer is ready to enter Raccoon City as Ada Wong

. 2 years ago

Ada Wong is one of Resident Evil’s most popular characters. Known for her red dress, fancy shoes and styled black hair, the anti-hero is one of the most popular femme fatales in gaming and thus, ripe for cosplay.

Russian model Ksana Stankevich tried her luck with an Ada Wong costume, and the results speak for themselves.

In a series of photoshoots, Stankevich mimics Ada’s look from Resident Evil 4, and recreates several scenes that could have been ripped right from the game.

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In one photo, the model stands in a warehouse while her dress blows in the wind. As she poses, she stares at the camera looking fierce while her finger rests on the trigger of a rifle.

Better yet, in a follow-up pic, the cosplayer hides behind a pile of rugs and bags while one of the game’s infamous chainsaw men try searching for her.

This shot, in particular, is a nice dual cosplay. because it features yet another character from the game. As anyone who played Resident Evil 4 knows, you do not want to fight one of those enemies at close range due to their instant kill potential.

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A few other shots show Stankevich posing from behind while wielding a handgun and walking into the unknown.

Finally, in one of her most impressive photos, the model changed up her look slightly to come more in line with Ada’s appearance in the Resident Evil 2 remake. A side-by-side comparison shows just how much effort went into making this version practically identical to her in-game model.

“I really like this woman; she is so strong, beautiful and sexy,” the cosplayer said of the character.

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