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Resident Evil cosplayer uncovers Raccoon City secrets as Leon Kennedy

Published: 21/Jul/2021 17:01 Updated: 22/Jul/2021 9:40

by Lauren Bergin


With Resident Evil finally getting an animated Netflix series, Infinite Darkness, one cosplayer has celebrated in style by creating a Leon Kennedy cosplay inspired by the RE:2 remake. 

Resident Evil has exploded back into the gaming hall of fame with the series’ latest installment, Village. With Lady Dimitrescu becoming an overnight sensation and the game’s lycans terrifying players all across the globe, 2021 marks a triumphant return for the Capcom title.

Not only has the game entertained fans, it’s inspired a flourishing cosplay scene. From the bloodthirsty Bela to the world’s tallest supermodel masquerading as the vampire queen herself, Village-based cosplays have taken the world by storm.


Harkening back to the early days, though, is plutonia_cosplay‘s stunning Resident Evil 2 cosplay, and it has dropped just in time to celebrate the new animated Netflix series, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.

Resident Evil Infinte Darkness Leon Kennedy
Leon makes his return in Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness in order to expose a government conspiracy.

This Leon cosplay is the perfect zombie apocalypse outfit

The brainchild of French Canadian cosplayer, plutonia_cosplay, this spectacular Leon cosplay looks as though he’s walked straight out of the ashes of the infection-ridden Racoon City.

While he describes the cosplay as “fairly easy to make,” he told Dexerto that difficulties started to pop up while trying to secure character-specific items. “Most of the effort was put into sewing the patches on the shirt and the vest and finding specific items to purchase, like Leon’s signature Mathilda VP-70 pistol and the police belt with all the various pouches.”


What’s wild, though, is the fact that plutonia is so dedicated that he grew out his hair in order to truly transform himself into Leon. Yes, you read that right, no wigs were harmed in the creation of this cosplay!

“The costume building process began in November of 2019, and was finished in February of 2020. I just needed my hair to grow long enough to get it cut into Leon’s iconic undercut hairstyle, but unfortunately, global restrictions were put in place and I had to wait until June to finally get a haircut!”


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Why did Plutonia choose Resident Evil’s Leon?

Leon has become quite the icon in the digital sphere, and he’s clearly had quite the impact on plutonia himself.


“When I was younger, I kept on seeing ads for the Resident Evil movies with Milla Jovovich and I kept on hearing that they were awful and that they were not faithful to the source material. So I was always curious to check out the titles but I couldn’t play the games because I only had an original Xbox at the time,” he told Dexerto.

“Fast forward to 2016, after seeing the reveal trailer for RE7 at Sony’s E3 conference, I decided to purchase all the games and play through them all before the release of RE7. I enjoyed the franchise and the characters so much that I wanted to try out cosplaying as them!”


Letting his creativity run wild, he’s created a staggering 15 cosplays in total!


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And it won’t stop there. The future looks bright for fans of insane Resident Evil cosplays, because plutonia has a lot more up his sleeve.

Writing that “the reactions [to the cosplay] so far have been pretty good,” he teased that “another Leon costume from RE4 and a Chris Redfield costume from RE Village” are on the horizon.

It doesn’t stop there, though, as he’s “also working on two more secret RE costumes” that he’ll reveal to the public soon.

As we channel our inner Leon to try and work out which character he plans to bring to life next, be sure check out his terrifyingly tantalizing work on Twitter and Instagram!