Priscilla cosplayer strikes the perfect chord with Witcher 3 fans

by Daniel Cleary
TophWei / CD Projekt Red


Popular cosplayer ‘TophWei’ left many Witcher 3 fans stunned after sharing her incredible take on Priscilla on April 23.

Priscilla, who goes by the stage name of Callonetta for her musical performances, plays a significant role in The Witcher 3’s main storyline and acts as Dandelion's love interest.

Much like Dandelion, Priscilla is not shy about bursting into song and joking around with the likes of Geralt, making her one of the most likable characters to many fans of the franchise.

Cd Projekt Red
Priscilla plays a significant role in The Witcher's 3 main quests.


As The Witcher series is full of strong female leads, such as Yennefer and Ciri, Priscilla is not always seen as the obvious choice when creative fans look to mirror some of their favorite characters through art or cosplay.

Popular cosplayer TophWei insisted on reminding those about the young poet, however, sharing her efforts at bringing Priscilla to life with a stunning outfit.

TophWei managed to recreate the character’s signature look to near perfection, even crafting an identical feathered hat to tie the costume together.


The cosplayer was met with tons of support from her followers after sharing her hard work on her personal Instagram on April 23.

TophWei has cosplayed as Priscilla before, however, when she teamed up with her partner, who pulled off a convincing Dandelion, to make up both halves of the fan-favorite couple and recreate scenes from the title.

She also seems to be quite a fan of The Witcher franchise, as she has previously cosplayed many other characters from the popular game series such as Ciri, Saskia, and Shani to name a few.

With a Witcher 3 sequel and more seasons of the franchise's popular Netflix TV show confirmed,  TophWei's incredible cosplay will surely add even more hype to fans anticipating the future releases.