Princess Peach cosplayer becomes her own knight in shining armor

by Michael Gwilliam


Kinpatsu Cosplay completely reimagined the Mushroom Kingdom’s Princess Peach as a sword-wielding knight and the end result is simply impeccable.

Princess Peach has been one of the more popular Mario franchise characters to cosplay as, so this take is a breath of fresh air and really makes fans desire a new game where Peach armors up.

The Canada-based Kinpatsu said she based the idea for the cosplay around a design by artist Diego Fonteriz. “I have always had a thing for pretty ladies in big armor so when I saw this amazing knight peach design by fonteart I fell in love,” she wrote.


The impressive cosplay managed to both be original while also keeping the character in mind and it really shows. The armor plating looks regal yet meshes well with the pink cape and vulnerable forearms.

“This armor was made using EVA foam and a little worbla for the breastplate,” she explained in an Instagram post. “The sword is made from Balsa wood, PVC pipe and 3D printed hilt section.”

As far as attention to detail goes, Kinpatsu made sure to go the extra mile. Her chest armor is adorned with a Star emblem – a powerup that grants brief invulnerability in the Mario universe.


Additionally, two neat Mushroom medallions are on her upper body, completing the ensemble and making it very clear that this was still Peach.

This isn’t the first Mario or Peach cosplay she’s done either. She’s also designed outfits for the ever-popular fan-made Bowsette and a Witch-themed Peach. She’s not stopping there either.

“I think I'm going to have to keep making Peach variations each year,” she wrote. “I already have some cool ideas for the next ones!”


It’s anyone’s guess what she has in store for us throughout the next couple of years, but we can’t wait to see it when it’s finally complete.

Peach has traditionally been one of the best Mario characters to cosplay. Like Kinpatsu, Smash Ultimate pro and Peach main Samsora tried his luck at dressing like the princess and had phenomenal results.