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Pokemon Sword & Shield cosplayer completes Galar Pokedex as Sonia

Published: 6/Oct/2020 1:13

by Brent Koepp


A Pokemon cosplayer shared their true-to-life take on Sword & Shield heroine Sonia. The artist looks so much like the professor in training that it’s almost as if the character has jumped out of the Nintendo Switch.

Players got to experience Pokemon’s eighth generation with the release of Sword & Shield in 2019. The beloved RPG was fans’ first introduction to the new region called Galar.

Celebrating the Nintendo Switch title, a talented cosplayer transformed into the game’s spunky new professor, Sonia. The skilled artist brings the popular red-haired character to life.


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Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Sonia is the newest professor in the Pokemon franchise.

Pokemon cosplayer brings Sonia to life

At the beginning of the Gen VIII title, players are introduced to Professor Magnolia. However throughout the story, it is her granddaughter Sonia who is heavily featured. The red-haired heroine eventually becomes Galar’s next professor.

Cosplayer Giulia ‘gistronii‘ Lohan transformed into the character with an insanely accurate costume which they shared on Instagram. The artist posed as the scientist while wearing her signature tan coat and teal blouse.

Giulia is the spitting image of the Nintendo character, perfectly capturing her striking turquoise eyes. They also faithfully mirrored the heroine’s iconic side-ponytail hairstyle, including the heart shaped hair-decorations strung throughout her locks.


In another shot, Gistronii gave viewers a full look at the outfit. Posing in a chair, the cosplayer showed off their high-waisted pants which the character wears throughout the game. To tie the whole thing together, they also included Sonia’s sunglasses which sit atop her hair.

In the RPG, Sonia explores the Galar region alongside the protagonist to learn about the land and its creatures. The cosplay artist cleverly re-created this, using their phone instead of the Pokedex to communicate with Trainers.

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Sonia was one of my 2020 project that I couldn't bring to any con… Since there was no con 😂 so, as soon as @carra.exe joined me for his holidays with his Leon, we tried this special otp together ❤️ at least, we have something ALMOST ready for future conventions ❤️ which are your WIP projects? — Sonia doveva essere uno dei miei progetti del 2020 che non ho potuto portare in fiera… Perché non c'era la fiera 😂 per cui, appena Carra mi ha raggiunto per le vacanze con il suo Dandel, abbiamo provato insieme questa oro ❤️ almeno abbiamo già qualcosa di QUASI pronto per gli eventi futuri ❤️ i vostri progetti in corso quali sono? #nintendo #soniacosplay #pokemonsonia #pokemonswordandshieldfanart #pokémonsword #pokemonswordandshield #pokemoncosplayer #pokémoncosplay #pokemoncosplayers #cosplay_italia #photocosplay #pokemonmasters #cosplayeritaliani #cosplay_italia

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Despite its rocky reception before its release, Pokemon Sword & Shield has proven to be another major hit for developer Game Freak. In under a year, the Gen VIII release is already the third highest-selling title in the entire franchise.


Fans of the Galar region have a lot to be excited for as the game’s second DLC, The Crown Tundra, arrives on October 22. The upcoming add-on will expand the map massively. And who knows, maybe Sonia will show up again for a new adventure.