Pokemon Legends Arceus cosplayer researches the Hisui region as Akari

Pokemon Legends Arceus cosplayer researches the Hisui region as AkariGame Freak / Instagram: @allyline_cos

A Pokemon cosplayer has brought the Hisui region to life with an amazing Legends Arceus cosplay of protagonist Akari.

The Sinnoh origins spinoff was released in late January to rave reviews, with fans falling in love with its wild departure from the linearity of the main games, allowing them to catch Pokemon freely in a series of sprawling open maps.

Cosplayer Allyline showed their adoration for the Hisui region with an incredible cosplay of the female protagonist, Akari, by using thrifted materials. Players liked it so much, it went viral.

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Viral Pokemon Legends Arceus Akari cosplay

Allyline shared a video of their cosplay and the creation process on the Pokemon subreddit on March 7, racking up over 35,100 upvotes at the time of writing.

In it, they showed how they used thrifted materials to create the belt, satchel, and socks before revealing the full Galaxy Expedition Team uniform.

It is full of iconic details synonymous with the character, such as the Galaxy Team logo, red scarf, and headscarf.

Over on their Instagram, Allyline_cos shared more photos of their Pokemon Legends Arceus Akari cosplay.

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They took their outfit outside, posing among plants to bring Akari to life, making it appear as though the protagonist has jumped out of the Nintendo Switch game and into real life.

To view more of their work, including an amazing Avatar: The Last Airbender Azula cosplay, you can check out their account here.


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As for Pokemon Legends Arceus, the Hisui region just got some substantial additions with the recently-released Daybreak update.

It brought Mass Mass Outbreaks, Path of Solitude Battles, and much more to the beloved game.

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