Pokemon cosplayer readies for The Isle of Armor in Victor's new outfit

by Michael Gwilliam


Cosplayer SPLgum showed he is ready for the Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion, The Isle of Armor, with an outfit based around Victor’s new dojo look.

In The Isle of Armor expansion, Victor’s appearance changes drastically from his traditional attire or Gym uniform. Now, his hair is tied back in a bun of sorts, and his attire is now black and yellow colored.

SPLgum went out of his way to completely match protagonist Victor’s new look. From the hair, hoodie, gloves and even socks - he looks like the game character brought to life.


The Isle of Armor is Sword and Shield's first expansion.

In the artwork used for inspiration, Victor wears a hoodie that covers a t-shirt with a logo on it due to the way the character is positioned. SPLgum matched the stance and as a result, it’s like staring into a mirror.

Additionally, the cosplayer nailed Victor’s knee pads, which have Pokeball logos on them, as well as the belt with red and blue stripes and the white gloves.


Taking to Instagram, the cosplayer revealed that the outfit took a bit longer than expected: “I was supposed to be finished with this way back on March 21.”

According to SPLgum, he couldn’t get the materials he needed in time and, at one point, even lost the knee pads, which “took almost forever to do.”

That all said, the cosplay is complete and very well-done. That’s not all either - SPL said he plans on improving and upgrading the outfit once the current global issues are over and done with: “I’ll upgrade this outfit to the next level!”


In the past, SPLgum had done plenty of other Pokemon-themed cosplays including Gym Leader Brawly, Team Yell Grunt and Ash from the anime.

With The Crown Tundra expansion still to come, hopefully the cosplayer has more Victor outfits up his sleeve in the future.