Pokémon cosplayer breathes life into Mewtwo with magnificent costume

by square1


Spanish cosplayer Leire Cámara showed off her glorious Mewtwo cosplay on her Twitter page, bringing the Pokémon to life in her own fantastic way.

Pokémon's popularity is still booming worldwide after 14 successful years, with both adults and children going absolutely wild for their favorite franchise.

Extremely talented cosplayer Leire Cámara took her love for the mini monster series and embodied it into a beautiful Mewtwo costume, complete with ears and signature gigantic tail.

Leire Camara / Miriam Eme
Leire Camara / Miriam Eme
Leire's Mewtwo cosplay is so accurate.

Mewtwo comes to life

She posted the photos to Twitter with the caption: "I'm showing you the photos of my Mewtwo cosplay that I have edited, taking advantage of the fact that the Pokémon Direct came out yesterday."

While most cosplays look great by themselves, Leire took hers one step further by editing special effects onto her photos to give her Mewtwo a life of his own - the results are fantastic.

She even edited Detective Pikachu into the background of one of her poses, making it look like she's stepped right out of the movie itself.

The Nintendo Switch is getting a lot of Pokémon attention lately, with the release of Let's GO, the unveiling of Sword and Shield, and the announcement of a Detective Pikachu game sequel.

Pokémon Sword and Shield - What we know

Nintendo gave fans a detailed look at the upcoming Switch games during their Direct on June 5, showing off a gorgeous gameplay trailer with information on new monsters, updated battle mechanics, and more.

An open-world section called The Wild Area was also announced, after a recent leak suggested that the game would have open elements to it.

If you can't choose between versions, a double-pack with both games will be available at launch, retailing at $120.

Pokémon Sword and Shield are due to release worldwide on November 15.