Persona 5 cosplayer wows fans with perfect Makoto Niijima

Cosplayer togasthighs next to Makoto from Persona 5Atlus / Twitter: togasthighs

After ‘Makoto’ trended on Twitter, over a thousand people stumbled across one Persona 5 cosplayer’s take on Makoto Niijima, with fans loving how closely she mimicked the original character.

While the Persona Franchise began in 1996, it began its peak of popularity later in 2016 with the critically acclaimed Persona 5 arriving on Playstation 3 and 4.

The role-playing game by Atlus takes place in modern Tokyo, where a group of high school students awake to the realization they have special powers, together becoming a group of secret vigilantes known as the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, who explore a mysterious world known as the Metaverse.

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Atlus - Persona 5Persona 5 launching in 2016 marked the longest break in series history after an eight-year gap between core releases.

Each character has a physical manifestation of their psyche known as titular ‘Personas’ which allow them to fight back against enemies called Shadows.

One such character is Makoto Niijima, Shujin Academy’s student council president who is also the Phantom Thief. Her school uniform look is simple but classy and remains a hugely popular aesthetic among fans and cosplayers alike.

After Makoto started trending randomly on Twitter, Cosplayer togasthighs had a wave of people finding their version of the fan-favorite character, and it’s safe to say that people loved their perfect recreation, sending lots of praise their way.

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Their hair matches up with Makoto’s perfectly, the blunt bob a flattering chocolate brown, with a thin braid laid across the top of the head for that extra bit of detail.

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Their eyes are a captivating deep red, and along with the thick eyelashes give a fascinating animated edge to the cosplay. The white longsleeve turtleneck matched with the black pinafore shirt captures that studious look, and is an uncanny match to the original outfit.

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Fans of the Persona franchise were obsessed with the look, flooding togasthighs’ post with positive comments. “I don’t know how u made Makoto more elegant, but you did it,” one commenter said, another writing, “one of the best Makoto cosplays I’ve seen.”

The fantastic cosplay got over 2000 likes on Twitter, and for good reason.

Togasthighs brought Makoto to life with their precise skills in a super accurate Persona 5 cosplay.

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