Persona 5 cosplayer steals hearts with viral Ann Takamaki costume

Atlus / Instagram: @shirogane_sama /

To celebrate the release of Persona 5 Royal, a talented cosplayer shared her stunning true-to-life Ann Takamaki outfit. Fans of the series will have their hearts stolen by her perfect portrayal of the Phantom Thief.

Persona 5 made its debut on the PlayStation 4 in 2016, and was a massive success for Japanese developer Atlus. Fans connected with the RPG’s story of high-schoolers becoming the Phantom Thieves, and taking on the corruption of society.  

Popular cosplayer ‘Shirogane Sama’ transformed into one of the game’s lead heroine’s Ann Takamaki. Her incredibly accurate take on the character’s alter-ego Panther will have fans going wild, as it’s almost like the character has stepped out of the screen. 

Atlus / CloverWorks
The 2016 RPG was a smash hit for developer Atlus.

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Persona 5’s Panther brought to life by cosplay

The story follows a group of students from Shujin Academy, who quickly learn they possess the power to steal the hearts of people. Forming the Phantom Thieves, they infiltrate their corrupt target’s psyche to change them from the inside. 

Cosplayer ‘Shirogane Sama’ went viral after sharing her Persona costume on social media. She dressed up in the character’s feline-inspired thief outfit, and the post has over 41,000 likes at the time of writing.

Photographer ‘’ captured the talented artist, as she posed as Panther holding her whip. She nailed Takamaki’s signature double blonde pigtail hairstyle, with the help of ‘holish_cosplay’ who created the accurate wig.

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In another photo, this time taken by ‘pollypwnz,’ Shirogame gives us a full view of the amount of work that went into creating Ann’s costume, which consists of a red latex bodysuit, and cat-shaped mask.

The artist even re-created Panther’s cat tail which hangs at the end of the zipper that is on the back of her suit, showing just how insanely detailed and true to the game her cosplay actually is. 

In a close-up shot posted to her Instagram, the artist’s re-creation could easily be mistaken for a scene from a live-action theatrical version of the character. Her costume is so good, it has us seeing double. 

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Due to the massive success of its 2016 release, Atlus re-released the game in the form of the ‘Royal Edition’ in March. The updated version is packed with new dialogue, features, and even includes an additional semester of school.

Those wanting to experience the epic journey of the Phantom Thieves can play the title now on PlayStation 4. There is even an anime version of the RPG if that’s your thing, and can be watched on Crunchyroll.