Overwatch model becomes death incarnate with shadowy Reaper cosplay

by Michael Gwilliam
Blizzard Entertainment/Instagram/le_blaaanc_cosplay


Well-established Overwatch model Le Blanc Cosplay conjured up in impressive take on the character Reaper with her own female flare.

Le Blanc’s twist on the Talon antagonist involves a full gender swap, with the outfit clearly showing off the female take. Instead of being cloaked and hooded, this cosplay has switched things up with the Ukranian model opting to flaunt her white hair.

Additionally, she decided to feminize the hero’s dark attire with a skirt and top as opposed to the black trench coat style the character is known for. The whole thing is well done though, and there’s no denying who Le Blanc is cosplaying as.


The rest of the cosplay is very Reaper-esque with the dual shotguns, shotgun shells attached to a belt on the torso, knee-high boots, claw-like gloves and enough black to even make Batman blush.

Overall, the whole outfit is incredibly well-crafted and really makes you wish there was a female Reaper in the game or that this could be added as a skin.

Le Blanc also took some photos wearing a skull mask for a different approach to the white hair and perhaps to be more in-line with the character. It adds a little bit more variety to what really is an extraordinary take to one of the first Overwatch heroes the world laid eyes on.


In the game's lore, Reaper was a former Overwatch agent known as Gabriel Reyes. Experiments conducted on him granted Reyes supernatural abilities such as his wraith form and shadow step.

Eventually, he would go on to join the terrorist group Talon and take on the name Reaper.


In addition to Reaper, Le Blanc has cosplayed as a bunch of Overwatch characters including Widowmaker and Ashe. From other franchises, she’s taken the role of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy from Batman.

With so much talent, it will be fun to see which character she decides to model as next, especially with Overwatch 2 in development, there should be no shortage of options for the cosplayer to explore and craft something unique.