Overwatch cosplayer’s Plague Doctor Mercy outfit would make a perfect skin

. 1 year ago
Plague Doctor Mercy

An Overwatch cosplayer has crafted a totally unique take Mercy, transforming the support hero into a plague doctor and the result is fantastic.

The hero Mercy is one of the most popular in all of Overwatch. Thanks to her high amounts of healing, damage boosting and powerful Resurrection ability, she can easily carry games.

However, most of the character’s skins tend to keep her theme quite light, maintaining the theme of her being a guardian angel. That all changes, however, thanks to a great new approach to the hero by Katerpiller Kosplay.

The image of a Plague doctor is pretty iconic. With the bird-like mask and dark cloak, the image conjures up more feelings of dread than hospitality. However, in recent years, thanks to the advent of goth culture, the plague doctor look has become a bit more mainstream.

As such, Katerpiller Kosplay decided to try her luck at transforming Mercy into the 17th century physician.

Dressed in black with the mask equipped, the cosplay completely flips the script on what is normally a kind-hearted hero.

Taking to Instagram, the cosplayer wrote, “Cosplay has honestly been my way of keeping any hope through these dark times. Thank you all for keeping me going.”

With everything going on in the world, it’s nice to see that the activity has had its benefits for the cosplayer.

“That’s why I created Plague Doctor Mercy to give people hope during this time,” she added.

It would definitely be nice to see Blizzard turn this skin idea into a reality. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem likely with such short notice. The Chinese New Year event is scheduled for February 4, but there’s always a chance something could happen in time for the Overwatch Anniversary or Halloween events later on in the year.

Mercy isn’t the first Overwatch cosplay she’s pulled off either. In the past, she’s dressed as Mei, Junkrat and even McCree. We can’t wait to see what other original ideas she can cook up in the future.

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